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Clynelish 1997, 16 Years Old, The warehouse dram No. 2, Malts of Scotland, 54.5% ABV



Clynelish 1997/2013
54.5%, Malts of Scotland, warehouse dram No.2, sherry hogshead, cask # MoS 13058, 185 bottles.
Nose: Soot, dirty sherry, gasoline, walnut, nectar, oily and waxy, citrus, apple with hints of grassy and wood ash. Not a typical Clynelish’s character I should say.
Palate: Powerful delivery, oiliness developed sandal woods, honey, menthol cigarettes, lightly spiced waxes, caol ashes.
Finishing: Lingering long. Salted fudge and roasted peanuts in the aftertaste. Whiffs taste of Lucky Strike cigarettes.


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