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Clynelish Distiller's Edition, Special Release Cl-Br: 172-4i


Clynelish Distiller's Edition, special release Cl-Br: 172-4i, double matured in oloroso seco cask wood, distilled 1992, bottled 2009, 46% abv.

Diageo calls some of their sherry finished products as "distiller's edition" or "double matured". It's a little confusing as I thought "distiller's edition" usually signified something historic to the distillery. They started this distiller's edition/double matured labeling practice about two decades ago (around early 2000's). Nose: ginger spice, sweet, hints of honey, slightly fruity. After a few sips, the sweetness lessens and candlewax is more prevalent.

Palate: slightly waxy, mostly clean wood, sharp wood at the end. After a few sips, oat cereal, bitter butter if there is such a thing. The earthy tobacco I was expecting wasn't dominant.

Finish: moderate, a flash of wood, dry. A bit one-dimensional, but easier on the senses. After a few sips a soft smokiness presents itself.

Dry glass: dried candlewax.

This 16 year Clynelish is not too impressive, a balanced wood domination after sipping, holds back on the earthy notes, but continues to change after some air time and a few drops of water. Haven't had too many Clyneli (Clynelishes?) out there, but I'm not digging it. What is more concerning is that many people say Clynelish and Brora have similar taste profiles, which means I'll have to pay a lot to taste something I most likely won't like (yeah, I didn't like the Brora I had a few months ago). Grade: C


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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