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Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain, Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, 50% abv.


Colonel E.H. Taylor Four Grain, Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, 50% abv.

A typical four grain bourbon consists of corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley. Not the only one on the market, but I believe the only one so far to win whisky of the year from Jim Murray.

Nose: very light cherry notes, very light sherry notes, surprisingly almost scent-less. With time, smells more like a standard bourbon.

Palate: smooth, sour, wheat bread - like, slight taste of heated light honey, revolves around the semi-sweet, bread-like, and light bitterness flavors. With more sips, it has more of a bourbon profile, honey and syrup.

Finish: short, just some abv numbness.

This reminds of beer thats been left in the car on a hot summer day, except without the stickiness and viscosity. Interestingly, with time and more sips, the four grain becomes more of a standard bourbon. I'm very confused as to how this became Jim Murray's whisky of the year?!?! Was it a year of low stock? Then again Mr. Murray has picked some underwhelming whiskies for whisky of the year. Unfortunately quite disappointing as I was expecting something amazing, although it didn't taste like 100 proof. Maybe the Angel's Envy had something to do with this? Too sweet? Had this at Whiskey Down, Las Vegas, USA.

Grade: C

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.96 ± 0.30 on 7 reviews
Thewhiskeywash, Julia Smith, 4/5 stars
Whisky advocate, John Hansell, 90 points
Breakingbourbon, Eric ?, 3.5/5


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