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Edradour, 12 Years Old, Straight From The Cask, Barolo Cask Finish


Edradour 12, Straight From The Cask, Barolo Cask Finish, 2002-2011-2015, 427 bottles, 56.2% abv. Last 4 years in barolo hogshead.
Edradour is a curious distillery, as the 3-man operation was acquired by independent bottler Signatory from Pernod Ricard. Their “Straight From The Cask” product line are matured in Bourbon barrels first and then casks from a particular wine variety (in this case Italian Barolo), and are bottled at cask strength.
Nose: heavy honey notes, grape juice, light honey dew and similar melons, hint of green grapes, generally sweet.
Palate: light, floral, some old green grapes, some sort of potato/jaicama (分过) taste.
Finish: short, strong, spicy, hints of frozen green grapes, meaty.

Wow, that finish was pretty intense, staged flavors/aromas/mouthfeel that basically led to  a whisky spice crash, but all too short. My tongue burns with every sip. Considering I just had 2 single cask Glendronachs at equally strong abv, that's saying something!


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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