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Longmorn, 1964-2015, Gordon & MacPhail, 43% abv.


Longmorn, 1964-2015, Gordon & MacPhail,  43% abv.

This is a ~50 year old G&M licensed bottling! Longmorn comes from Gaelic, "Lhanmorgund", which means "The place of the holy man" signifying the church that once stood on site. G&M have many casks, in particular ancient ones, from Longmorn as well as Glenlivet and Strathisla. Interestingy, I couldn't find much information on the b.2015 version, but there's info on the b.2012 version.

Nose: sweet wine, hints of toast/vanilla, a raisin sourness. A solid body composing of chocolate, butter, wafers, nuts, and biscuit.

Palate: full bodied, a strong honey-like sweetness found in french cakes and pies, old steamed wet lotus leaves, expresso coffee-like.

Finish: short, sweet, numbing at 43% abv.

Not as good as I thought it would be, has elements but doesn't blend well and didn't fare well to all the other bottles I had tonight, probably because I ordered everything incorrectly.

Grade: C, but I'm a little suspicious if my senses were significantly influenced by the GF prior.

Couldn't find quantifiable, reliable reviews.

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