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Macallan Classic Cut 2018, 51.2% abv.


Macallan Classic Cut 2018, 51.2% abv.

Like the 2017 version, this is also matured in sherry seasoned casks. Most people seem to focus on the difference in abv from the 2017 version, which was ~58%. Let's see how this is.

Nose: medium bodied aromas, burnt chocolate covered pecans, sligtly smoked earth residue, burnt to the point of black honey.

Palate: medium bodied, initial palate is light overalll, nutty, coffee, chocolate, mid palate builds upon the same flavors, becomes more nut like, but the emphasis is whisky chocolate, back palate is caramel toffee, unsweetened desert pastries, some slight smoke, hint of vines.

Finish: medium, mostly milk chocolate but some dark chocolate elements in there.

This one seemed to revolve around chocolate covered nuts and burnt residue, almost unlike Macallan. If my memory serves me correctly, the 2018 Classic Cut has less of a sherry influence than the 2017 it seems, where the latter was more tannic I think. Not as spectacular as the Macallan core product line, and not as amazing as the Signet which I associate with chocolate, but a very good entry level dram into the Scotch whisky world.

Grade: C

Couldn't find quantifiable, reliable reviews.


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Eric Yee

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