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Mars Komagatake, Double Cellars, 46% abv.


Mars Komagatake, Double Cellars, 46% abv.

This bottling was apparently composed of three sets of barrels from 2 ageing cellars. Bourbon barrels from 2013 aged at the Tsunuki location vatted with Bourbon barrels and American White Oak barrels from 2013 aged at the Shinsu cellar. Not sure what the difference is between "bourbon barrels" and "american white oak barrels"... perhaps first fill or no fill? Online sources say the production run was 3,800 bottles.

Nose: light, scented wood, light grapes.

Palate: medium bodied, well balanced, overall sweet and spicey, with time the sweetness comes out resembling something between wine grapes and actual PX sherry. No smoke, no oak.

Finish: short to medium, heat hits, a light sweetness in aroma and mouth residue.

This Mars is quite good, well-balanced on the palate with nothing overwhelming... obviously. I guess the light abv allows the flavors to show up more on the tongue, at the sacrifice of less body and ooomph. Nonethelss, a lovely bottle. Wish I got one when it came out, when it was cheap.

Grade: B

Thejapanesewhiskyreview, Dramtastic, 86/100


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Eric Yee

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