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Miyagikyo 15, 45% abv.


Miyagikyo 15, 45% abv.

The Miyagikyo distillery was founded in 1969 and used to be called Sendai distillery due to its proximity to Sendai. Unlike Yoichi, Miyagikyo produces unpeated malt and in 1999, installed coffey stills to help make grain whisky.

Nose: light, sour plums, dates, wood varnish.

Palate: sour wood, general honey, mid palate has old wet steamed lotus leaves, back palate turns to vanilla/toast. With each sip the old wet steamed lotus leaves flavors creep into the back palate and finish.

Finish: short, its hot and I don't know why. After a few sips an old wet steamed lotus leaves profile develops.
Interesting dram, sweetness with sour notes surrounding the juice. Not very smooth though, a little rough at the back end. Not what I remembered... Had this at Bar Fuji, Fukuoka, Japan.

Grade: C-, 8.68 ± 0.28 on 12 reviews, Serge, 79 points
Malt maniacs, 84 points from 13 reviews
Whiskynotes, Ruben Luyten, 84/100
The whiskeyfiles, Barry Bradford, 87/100
LA whiskey society, Sku, B


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Eric Yee

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