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Mountains and Seas, 40 Years Old


40 year blended by Taiwanese independent bottler The Whiskyfind, Classic of Mountains and Seas (山海經). Supposedly a blend of malt and grain, Sherry butt, and 198 bottles. Does that mean the whisky was blended pre-cask or post-cask maturation, all in sherry butts?
Nose: mellow, wood, spice.
Palate: slight oily feel, sour notes, backend wood, no sweetness, no smoke.
Finish: short, nothing stands out.
Even though its a 40 year sherry cask blend, it doesn't taste like a 40 year sherry cask blend. Tastes more like a middle aged european oak. A very neutral dram. Perhaps because the bottle might have been left out for awhile? Oxidation? Old bottle effect? Or were my senses already influenced by Taiwanese food? On a side topic, I suspect the title name should be translated in English as "classic of the seas and mountains", however grammar was never really my thing. Had this bottle at Larriere-cour, Taipei, Taiwan on July 29, 2017... yeah I'm still trying to catch up on old posts.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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