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Suntory Whisky, "Imperial", Kagami Crystal Decanter, 43% abv.


Suntory Whisky, "Imperial", Kagami Crystal Decanter, 43% abv.

According to the bartender, this blend most likely contains Yamazaki, but not Hakushu as according to him, this bottle predates Hakushu. But what does that even mean? Blended with what? Other vintage or young Yamazaki? The Suntory portfolio only has Yama, Haka, and Chita... an interesting ponderment. Apparently there have been many "Imperial" blends offered throughout the ages. The Kagami Crystal decanter suggests it being from the 1980's. This version seems to be well distributed at the more specialized whisky bars in South Korea.

Nose: burnt wood, light spices. Prettt simple stuff.

Palate: decent body, distinct flavors, mid palate is a lightly sweetened wood, like seasoning on baked wood, back palate is spicy, burnt popcorn.

Finish: medium, seasoning, spice diminishes quite quickly.

Very interesting. It's not bad, I was expecting water to be honest though. It's a pretty mellow flavor, but pronounced, just not very intense.  Reminds me of the red seasoning on roasted corn that I used to eat at Los Angeles fairs and street festivals.

Grade: C

Couldn't find quantifiable, reliable reviews.


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