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Tomatin, 14 Years Old, Port Wood Finish, 46% abv.


Tomatin 14, Port Wood Finish, 46% abv.

Matured for 13 years in bourbon barrels before being finished for about a year or year and a half in Portugese tawny port pipes. This offering was added to the core in 2014 but there seem to be two bottlings, of which I am perhaps drinking from the older, less designer-influenced, bottling.

Nose: very floral, light wine flavors, fruity wood,
Palate: light, some old oak, a hint of that old steamed lotus leaf is coming up. No smoke, no fruits.
Finish: short, dry, no flavors come to the fore.

I never would thought this bottle was port finished! Seemed light overall, with no particular flavor or aroma making an impact.

Grade: C-

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.59 ± 0.35 on 10 reviews
Dramming.com, Oliver Klimek, 77/100
Whiskyfun.com, Serge, sgp:551, 84 points
Thewhiskyphiles.com, Berry Bradford, 80/100
Whiskyadvocate, Gavin Smith, 86 points


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