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Cocktail Recipes

The perfect Airing of Grievances Cocktail


This one will get you to Serenity Now.

- 2.5 parts bonded/100+ proof bourbon
- 1 part Jamaican rum
- 1/2 part Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum
- 1/2 part lime juice
- 1/2 part orange juice
- 1 part simple syrup
- 1 egg white
- Angostura Bitters in foam

Combine distilled spirits, egg white, lime juice, orange juice, and simple syrup in shaker, shake dry. Add ice, shake violently. Strain and serve up in coupe glass. Add 3-6 drops of Angostura bitters to foam, gently stir with toothpick or knife point.

The perfect Airing of Grievances.

Much like Frank Costanza, this sucker is prolific. Much like Festivus was an offspring of earlier, more classically understandable holidays, this drink is a fusion-descendant of a daiquiri and a whiskey sour, ending up an evolved form of either. The bourbon really reels in the rum’s sweetness, but the barrel funk of the rum is the foundation of this entire enterprise. To me though, the piece de resistance is gently working the Angostura bitters into the foam topping (hence the need for a Feats of Strength-level shake) — it adds such a new dimension to this cocktail.

It’s also boozy as hell, so you’ll be fine and ready to let everyone know that you’ve got a lot of problems, and they’re gonna hear about it.

I used WT101 as my bourbon because I love how it works with citrus, and that was a fantastic call. It really holds up to the funk of the Appleton Estate 12 and Wray & Nephew.

Happy Festivus To The Rest Of Us


Image courtesy of Jon who also writes on Low Class & High Proof.


Low Class & High Proof

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