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Glenfarclas Biohazard 25 Year Old Cask Strength - Kanpai Planet

Calling all video game fans!

Are you a fan of Resident Evil or its alias Biohazard?

Well, you're gonna wanna look out for this bottle of whisky. This isn't just another collectible to adorn your shelves, this whisky is certainly going to appreciate in coming years. This is a piece of collectible that you don't want to miss, because it is hot!

It is none other than the Glenfarclas 25 Year Old Biohazard Edition.



This bottle was released in collaboration between video Biohazard and Scotch Distillery Glenfarclas to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the game (which also goes by Resident Evil outside of Japan). 

As such, Glenfarclas has specially bottled an equivalent 25 year old bottle of it's cask strength Scotch to celebrate the event.

If you don't know much about Glenfarclas, we'll give you the inside scoop.

Glenfarclas which translates into valley of the green grass, is one of the oldest and longest running Scotch distilleries and is one of the few remaining distilleries to be run independently by the founding Grant family since 1836.


(Image Source: Wikipedia)

It remains one of the most prized and respected distilleries in Scotland and is famous for producing (all this while) high quality traditional Highland malt with a heavy sherry influence.


Its whiskies are distinctively sweet, with notes of raisins, dates and walnuts, cinnamon and nutmeg. It also has bittersweet notes of espresso or dark chocolate and has a light earthy umami base. It's scent is intoxicating and its palate is delightfully velvety. Fans also typically find notes of caramel, toffee apple and light wafts of smoke. Its finish is smooth, spicy and long.


It is a rich, luscious classic Scotch malt whisky that is often likened to fruitcake, blackforest cake and even chai latte!


Delicious, rich cherries and bittersweet chocolate, all over a creamy sponge base. (Image Source: NYT)

Well, this edition is particularly special because its label carries the Biohazard insignia and even comes in a gorgeous wooden presentation box that is engraved with the same distinguished Biohazard logo, making it a collectible for fans that just can't be missed.


A Live Review Straight From Tokyo's Aloha Whisky

But enough talk! Let's hear from our friend Mac, who runs Kanpai Planet. He reviews the whisky for us straight from one of the best bars in Tokyo, Aloha Whisky, run by the ever so friendly David Tsujimoto!


Nothing beats a live taste test coming to you right from Tokyo, Mac from Kanpai Planet gives us the inside scoop. 

As Mac attests, this Glenfarclas is not just a collectible, it even drinks better than the original Glenfarclas 25 Year Old, making this bottle not just good looking on the outside, but damn tasty on the inside as well.

We think this bottle has a place in your collection for 3 reasons:
1. Glenfarclas is a highly distinguished Scotch distillery.
Glenfarclas remains one of the most famous and highly respected and sought after Scotch whiskies for its long heritage, high quality whiskies and its independent status as a distillery.

Glenfarclas remains one of the most distinguished Scotch distilleries in the world, with a history stretching as far back as 185 years. (Image Source: The Whiskey Wash)

This is a distillery that has been in operations for 185 years and is doing better than ever, despite retaining its independence. Over the years many distilleries have either been unable to keep up the consistency of their quality or have been folded into bigger brands such as LVMH, Diageo or Pernod Ricard, amongst the many luxury brands. Which is why Glenfarclas continues to remain highly sought after for its longstanding track record of excellence.

Given its history, Glenfarclas has come to be synonymous with Scotch as a category and any mention of the spirit cannot exclude the distillery in a shortlist of top Scotch producers.

This isn't just any Scotch, it's Glenfarclas.


2. Biohazard Edition is produced in limited quantities driving scarcity amongst collectors.

Such limited edition bottlings, especially ones that are co-branded are highly limited and enjoy strong appeal with collectors from both sides of the bottle - video game fans and Scotch fans alike.

This is a well-proven, time-tested concept that has been used by everyone from Rolex (co-branded with Coca-Cola, Tiffany's, PanAm) to LV's bags (with street brand Supreme) and even luxury cars such as Porsche, who've co-branded with Martini.


Look closely above the 6 o'clock mark, you'll spot the Tiffany & Co. co-brand. This simple line of text alone has allowed this timepiece to ascend into icon status. (Image Source: HQ Milton)

These co-brand editions represent not just a partnership of brands and labels, but signify and mark a moment in time when two longstanding brands intersect. Almost as if both brands nodded and tipped their hat to one another in respect of the immense reputation equity and achievement racked up on both sides.

As a result many of such co-branded editions have gone on to break hammer records at auctions even many years after their release.


This limited edition of only 630 bottles represents a special collaboration between one of the hottest video game franchise and one of the most well-respected Scotch distilleries. It comes in a beautiful wooden display set emblazoned with both the Biohazard and Glenfarclas family crests.

These limited editions are also produced in small quantities, with the Biohazard Edition running a total of 630 bottle worldwide and released only in Japan. This only adds to its desirability and collectible status.

Keep in mind also that along the way, aficionados may find themselves particularly gracious that some of these bottles will be uncorked along the way. Hence bottle counts can only go down, not up,  propping up it scarcity. 


3. The malt contained inside is rated highly and is cask strength.

As our friend Mac has covered and even put the taste test head-to-head with the ordinary Glenfarclas 25 Year Old, the Biohazard edition simply drinks better.


This malt is perfumery with lovely scents of Turkish Delight, our expert whisky reviewer on the ground, Kanpai Planet, tells us. Sounds amazing! (Image Source: The Spruce Eats) 

It is floral with meadow flowers and fragrant oak, with the classic Glenfarclas-styled Sherry sweetness of brown sugar, dates, raisins and dried orange and cranberry. He even likens it to Turkish Delight! There's also earthiness, nuttiness, coffee, strawberry jam and malty baked bread. Its body is waxy and smooth, and its taste is highly complex, ending off with an intense, long sweet and spicy finish.


Sherry cooperages are most famous in Spain, where casks undergo some serious treatment and seasoning to ensure the most spectacular flavors are brought out. (Image Source: Sherry Wine) 

Keep in mind that Sherry cask aged whiskies tend to be more prized, with the industry often referring to it as the "Sherry premium". This is because oak casks that have been previously seasoned with Sherry alcohol and typically originate from Spain are more expensive as compared to more common US-origin Bourbon barrels (which is used by ~80% of whiskies).

This is also bolstered by the fact that many whisky fans tend to love the unique flavors imparted to whiskies from Sherry casks, giving it much added complexity and richness, that is also fragrant, fruity and spicy.


Cask strength whisky drawn straight from the cask is perhaps the purest form of whisky, signifying an "unedited" all natural purity that is highly prized. (Image Source: Braeburn Whisky)

This bottle is also cask strength, which means that the whisky is bottled straight after being drawn from its cask where it has aged for 25 years, with no tinkering, diluting or any form of "edits" done to the whisky. Many purists prize cask strength whiskies, because these are usually higher proof, which also means it retains all of its natural flavors at the highest possible intensity.

But also because as a fan, it is that much more endearing to have a taste of what whisky from a specific distillery should taste like and learn about the distillery's "house character".


This limited edition bottle offers fans a true taste of the classic Sherry style of Glenfarclas. (Image Source: Escapement Magazine)

Here you get to try what a classic, unadulterated Glenfarclas tastes like, that is if you even have the heart to uncork it!


There you have it!

The Glenfarclas Biohazard 25th Anniversary 25 Year Old Cask Strength whisky, a much beloved video game franchise paired with a legendary Scotch distillery, and bottled in it's most classic, purest form, in a style that is famous the world over.


You can bet this bottle is hot as long as Biohazard continues to pump out awesome games like these. (Image Source: Steam)

Whether you're a video game fan or a whisky fan, I can certainly say that this bottle is well worth the search and won't be just another collectible collecting dust on the shelf, it is gorgeous to look at, tastes incredible and will certainly appreciate in value as the years go by.

Get it while you can! You don't wanna sleep on this!


Mac from Kanpai Planet is a great channel for all things Japanese spirits. (Image Source: @KanpaiPlanet on Instagram) 

If you enjoyed the video, because nothing beats a live taste test right from one of the hottest bars in Tokyo, check our friend Mac out at Kanpai Planet.

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Till next time, Kanpai!