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One Drop Brewing Co The Big Bad Wolf x Tool - Ænima

The next pick one of the most influential albums of the 1990’s, and is the album that could argue is their best. It is definitely our favourite, the album is “Ænima” from @toolmusic
The album was initially released on vinyl and then on CD later in late 1996. The album is the first album featuring former “Peach” bassist Justin Chancellor. The title Ænima is a combination of the words 'anima' (Latin for 'soul' and associated with the ideas of "life force", and a term often used by psychologist Carl Jung) and 'enema', the medical procedure involving the injection of fluids.
The album is full of powerful lyrics, melodies and heavy, precise playing, particularly the title track which has described as a song about the cleansing of the inner-self of the superficial. Basically, Maynard is saying that everyone needs to stop being fake and start being themselves. The song’s video is a stop motion animation created by guitarist Adam Jones; is a diatribe against celebrity culture, particularly around Los Angeles and makes extensive use of hemiola, a musical technique in which the emphasis in a triple meter is changed to give the illusion that both a duple and a triple meter occur in the song.
The track “Stinkfist” was the second most popular of the 1996 @triple_j #hottest100 and the album sold over 4 million copies worldwide.
Now the beer is big and bad, but in the best way. The brew is the “The Big Bad Wolf” from @onedropbrewingco. The Slovenian Wolf Hops are a perfect choice, but the Massive hits of vanilla, chocolate, whiskey, cake, and molasses all backed up by a Nitro serve really make it brilliant. The use of a large amount of chocolate and lactose while the beer rested in French Oak barrels was really good and rounded out the beer perfectly.
Tool – Ænima
Highlight: Ænema
Gem: Forty Six and Two
Beer: One Drop Brewing Co “The Big Bad Wolf”


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