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Atlas Bar’s New “Simple Pleasures” Cocktail Menu Celebrates the Big Four

Atlas Bar in Singapore

The award-winning Singapore bar, Atlas, has just launched its new cocktail menu for 2023, titled “Simple Pleasures”. The menu pays homage to the Big Four cocktail classics: the Martini, the Sour, the Old Fashioned and the Champagne cocktail. 

Illustrations from Atlas Bar's new cocktail menu "Simple Pleasures"

Once you get your hands on the new menu, interspersed with gorgeous 1920s style Art Deco illustrations, you’ll find dedicated chapters devoted to unpacking each of the cocktails’ unique history, and five different cocktail options on that particular cocktail style. One of which will be made in Atlas’ signature style, while the other four will include different modern interpretations of that cocktail classic – one of which will be a non-alcoholic option.

Atlas head bartender Lidiyanah ‘Yana’ K

The menu was developed by new head bartender Lidiyanah ‘Yana’ K, who was appointed to the role last year since joining the Altas team six years ago. Yana is also the gin researcher of Atlas – a key role in a bar renowned for housing the world’s largest gin collection in an eight-meter-tall gin tower. 

The Ode to Odyssey, Atlas' take on the Ramos Gin Fizz.

Among the new cocktails are already emerging some early fan-favorites, including the Ode to Odysseys at 7.2% ABV, under the Sour category. This is the Singapore gin bar’s take on the classic Ramos Gin Fizz, made with an egg white substitute, Australian Shiraz gin, clarified milk and toasted raisin-cinnamon syrup.

The Montgomery

Martini fans should keep a look out for the Montgomery cocktail from that Martini section of the menu, made with vodka infused with a mint tea blend called “Aromatherapy in a Cup”, dry vermouth, absinthe and garnished with olive oil caviar. Don’t miss out on the Valley of the Ashes at 23.5% ABV, made with American bourbon, Venezuelan rum, Italian bitter liqueur and pomelo line. This cocktail comes straight from the Old Fashioned chapter and is also topped with a chocolate tuile garnish.

What goes on behind the scenes of making Hope on the Horizon.

Non-alcoholic lovers may enjoy Hope on the Horizon, a non-alcoholic interpretation of the Champagne Cocktail. To be sure, the R&D and the preparation process for this cocktail was no less intensive than for other alcoholic tipples. To make this, fresh promegranates are brusied to released the flavor into a no-alcohol agave blanco, resulting in the liquid taking on a rose hued stain. This is then combined with yuzu lavender kombucha and kumquat.

The new menu is now available at Atlas Bar at 600 North Bridge Road. Reservation can be made at +6563964466 or at

All images from Atlas Bar Singapore.



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