Just In 👉 Compass Box Introduces Us To Some Crimson Casks



pretty amazed by how the bartender came up with drinks so up our alley! especially the berries & cream drink… who would have known u can use baileys like this omg

anyway each drink was $25 and major deja vu moment when we went to the toilet because we realised this was the place scaled by ah hua kelong was at before they moved to hamilton road!!!



fav drink of the night:
- asked for a rum based drink with a berries & cream concept
- creme brulee, butterscotch, mixed berries liqueur, baileys, dark rum



second fav:
- asked for something fruity and sour
- got this gin based drink with hibiscus drink, yuzu and lime



- boring mik asked for a whiskey old fashioned
- bourbon, maple with 3 types of bitters 


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