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Cocktails Inspired by Iconic Hairdos at Close Shave, Sultans of Shave's New Bar


From barbershop to bar: Sultans of Shave opens new bar Close Shave, featuring cocktails inspired by iconic hairdos. 

Bespoke barber brand, Sultans of Shave, has always viewed one's hairstyle as their unique expression of their personality. And now, with the launch their own cocktail bar extension, Close Shave, the brand is reimagining iconic hairdos as cocktails. 

Close Shave's cocktail menu will feature ten concoctions – called Styles – inspired by iconic hairstyles seen around the world in popular culture. Ranging from The Rachel, popularised by Jennifer Aniston’s famous TV role, to Dreadlocks, the signature of the legendary Bob Marley, and even The Mohawk sported by fan favourite David Beckham, each cocktail boasts a unique flavour profile and look. 

Whether one loves swinging their Ponytail like Lara Croft while hunting for the treasures in life, or prefers requesting for the manager like a Karen, Close Shave has a curated drink specially for them.

Guests can even take an on-site personality quiz to learn more about themselves (and their recommended hairdo cocktails!). Just don't be offended if you're pegged as a Karen. 

For a snip preview of the new cocktails - or Styles - set to debut at Close Shave, scroll on:

America’s Sweetheart – The Rachel, as popularised by Jennifer Aniston


I Want to Speak to Your Manager – The Karen, which needs no introduction

Posh Spice – The Bob Cut, as popularised by Victoria Beckham 


Pretty Boy Next Door – The Mohawk, as popularised by David Beckham


Tomb Raider – The Ponytail, as popularised by Lara Croft


I.J – The Number Zero, as popularised by G.I. Joe 


Wah Gwaan – Dreadlocks, as popularised by Bob Marley 


Abbey Road – The Mullet, as popularised by Paul McCartney, then Harry Styles


Slave to The Rhythm – The Flat Top, as popularised by Grace Jones


Oh, Homie! – The Beehive, as popularised by Marge Simpson

Close Shave is now open at  13 N Canal Rd, #01-02, Singapore 048826. 

IG: @closeshavesg

FB: @closeshave

Images courtesy of Close Shave.