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Darkside Bar's New ‘Yin Yang’ Cocktail Menu Is a Liquid Celebration of Duality

Hong Kong's award-winning Darkside Bar is launching a new cocktail menu for 2024, this time inspired by the Chinese cosmology concept of "Yin and Yang". Situated in Rosewood Hotel, Darkside Bar is a jazz and cocktail bar known for thematic menus included by Hong Kong and by the darker side of life (with previous menus including its Moon Menu and the Art of Mahjong Menu).

The new menu, which will be available to order from 30 November 2023 onwards, will pay tribute to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, which refers to the idea that there is harmony in duality. Yin and Yang is used to describe two opposing yet complementary energies, such as day and night, hot and cold and even joy and sadness. 

Consequently, the new menu will feature eight brand new cocktails (HK$180 each), each representing an opposing and balancing force. This includes "Sun" and "Moon", "Heaven" and "Earth", "Mountain" and "River, and finally, "Darkside" and "Bright Side". Each cocktail features ingredients that evoke their namesakes, such as "River" with Grey Goose vodka, lotus sake, aloe vera and cucumber.


Guests to Darkside can browse the interactive new menu, shaped like a Yin Yang taijitu, which they can spin to select their cocktail of the night - an exercise in letting fate guide your libation journey. 

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As was the case with its previous menus, Darkside has teamed up with local Hong Kong artists to commission custom made 3D printed or handcrafted glasses for the Yin-Yang menu. 

The new menu is now available for order from 30th November 2023 onwards. Reservations can be made at Darkside here


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