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Jigger & Pony: We Visited Singapore's Top Rated Bar to See What The Hype's About!

One of the more impossible feats for your average bar-goer in Singapore is to attempt to get a table at Jigger and Pony on most nights... without a reservation. You'll find yourself jostling for a spot next to a lot of well-informed (and better prepared) tourists who had the foresight to book seats in advance. 

And perhaps, one shouldn't be surprised as to Singapore's Jigger and Pony popularity and recognition amongst locals and tourists alike. This stylish speakeasy and hotel bar has been voted the Best Bar in Singapore in the Asia's 50 Best Bars awards for four years in a row now - and word has surely travelled. 

The place was already in full-swing by the time I entered at 6pm.

On one particular Wednesday evening, I rock up to the Amara Hotel particularly excited, armed with an email confirmation of my table reservation at Jigger and Pony in my mobile phone.

Is Jigger and Pony really worth the hype? Let's find out together! 

This visit was also my first time trying their brand new cocktail menu for 2024, titled "SMASH". I notice that there's a section on the menu titled "Basic Wants", a tongue-in-cheek reference to their reinvention of certain cocktails often deemed too "basic". Fair enough, sometimes you're just in the mood for a Spicy Margarita! No shame there! 

Jigger and Pony's Spicy Margarita is anything but basic. You can opt to choose from three different spicy levels.

That said, Jigger and Pony's Spicy Margarita was anything but basic. Served with chilli beer foam, a mix of clarified apple juice, and reposado tequila, it opens on the palate with a nice zesty, zingy kick, before transitioning seamlessly to reveal earthy undertone of agave. I hate to admit just how much I enjoyed the agave lollipop that it was served with, topped with salt. 

There's a certain pride with which the bartenders and servers here speak about the technicality behind the cocktails - from the curation of certain ingredients to their use of various techniques such as cold distillation, clarification and carbonation to draw out the best flavours and textures from the ingredients. 

Don't order the Masala Cheese Toastie to share. Get one plate to yourself, trust me.

While Jigger and Pony is often lauded for its drinks, it should be noted that the food doesn't disappoint either. The Masala Cheese Toastie, in particular, is a combination of spice and carbs that's hard to argue with, while the Black Pepper Crab dip was a really moreish appetiser.

The ambience of the place is modern, elegant and cozy, with the right amount of mood lighting to give guests some privacy even though the venue was bustling with other patrons. 

Jigger and Pony's leans in on the infamous Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail.

My final drink of the evening was the Champagne Ramos Fizz, Jigger and Pony's own take on the infamously difficult-to-make Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail. I'm that person that can't help but to order a Gin Fizz whenever its available on any bar menu, triggering groans or silent judgement from the bartender on shift that night. Jigger and Pony seems to lean in to the complexity of making a Gin Fizz with their rendition of it, which is a 4-layered Ramos Gin Fizz that combines gin, port wine and champagne for an added flavour dimension. It's creamy, silky, and sweet with a generously tall meringue foam top - just the way a good Gin Fizz should be. 

The Lycheetini has a good strong kick, while still offering fresh, plump flavours of lychee in a way that's very refreshing.

So, is Jigger and Pony worth the hype? I'd say so! Prices may be steeper than your average bar, but I do think you get what you pay for! It's definitely one of those places you should bring visiting friends in Singapore to at least once - the drinks are created with so much passion and creativity, while the hospitality and service at the bar is pretty world-class. 


Happy sipping!