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Scenes From The BKK Social Club


Bangkok in all its colourful diversity, street bustling, countless alleyways dotted with tall buildings of mystique - and yet there has to be somewhere for everyone to center upon and congregate - it's the BKK Social Club.

It's an award-winning bar that consistently ranks on the World's Top 50 Bars list - and for good reason.

We'll take you inside.

Housed in the posh luxury Four Seasons hotel, you're led by a concierge down the vast expansive lobby that gives you just an inkling of what guests of the inn might experience.

It's themed in classy hues of beige, lined with spectacular floral assemblies and post-modern artworks.



The concierge was incredibly patient as we must have taken at least 25 photos of the lobby, and even crassly took what we had hoped would be our new profile picture.



This certainly doesn't do it justice, but wait, TimeOut does a better job. And while we aim to keep our Escapades authentic, our photos definitely are not representative of this hotel's marveous design.


(Image Source: TimeOut)

(Image Source: TimeOut)

(Image Source: TimeOut)



And we finally make it to the BKK Social Club that takes its place next to the hotel's extensive outdoor water feature. The walk through the lobby alone was enough to stir a substantial amount of anticipation.



An exquisite bar full of symmetry reminiscent of the Great Gatsby Art Deco days.



If you can't get a seat in the main hall, there're adjacent seating venues.



Little niches make up the bar offering quite a fair bit of intimacy.



A gorgeous bar we couldn't get enough of.



An Argentinian themed menu!



A nice little touch, with ice cubes branded with the bar's intricate logo.



Where do we begin?



Desserts obviously.



A nice little margarita rim.



Cocktails are all given Argentinian twists and names.



These passionfruit cheesecake balls were absolutely fantastic. I had offered them to my friends at the bar but they waited too long, and I finished it all. You snooze, you lose.



The Champagne Colada was a particular hit.



We had to get a Ramos Gin Fizz. Our friend's first.


This little number was great too, but in our haste we didn't catch its name. Don't forget that you can always resort to pointing out menu items to order.



Despite the dimly lit surroundings, we did manage to catch one good shot.



Much like Cinderella, as the clock struck 12, it was time for us to head back to our hotel. Also, the bar was closing.



BKK Social Club

Phone: +66 2 032 0888 

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