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SIMIK DRINKS: Second Time At Bar Stories SG

tldr; second visit to bar stories and we’ll be back again!! love the experience there heheh



lucky peach ($18):
- teo birds watermelon gin, peach, lychee, sour plum
- you rly can’t tell that it’s an alcoholic drink, felt like a fun yogurt drink but it makes it so fun to drink!
- 7.5/10



bespoke cocktail 1:
- asked for something creme brulee based and she delivered again!!!
- loved the tanginess from the passionfruit and the sweetness fom the maple
- the creme brulee flavour was quite light but it was a good touch!



octopus and brussel sprouts were friggin delicious… the octopus came with some macadamia nut dip which had some grill flavour? and the brussel sprouts were an umami bomb, yet soft!!!  


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