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Ichirose Malt Double Distilleries (DD)

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DD is an acronym for Double Distilleries, meaning “two distilleries” and is made from a blend of raw materials from the Hanyu distillery, which was closed in 2000, and the Chichibu distillery, which was established in 2008.
The Hanyu distillery is already closed, so there is a possibility that the product will be sold out when the existing malt is gone.

Ichirose Malt is so popular and difficult to obtain that it sells out immediately when it appears in stores, but the Leaf Series (Quercus Wood Reserve, Winewood Reserve, and Double Distilleries), which can be called the standard product, is extremely popular and captivates whisky fans.


The Bottle

A marriage of Hanyu Distillery and Chichibu Distillery, sweet and spicy aroma.



The malt from the Hanyu distillery is mainly from puncheon barrels and “sherry barrels” , while the malt from the Chichibu distillery is from Quercus barrels.

This product is bottled with non-chill filter*1 and natural color to enjoy the character of the original.

*1 Non-chill filter: When whisky is matured in barrels at a low temperature, the dissolved flavor components precipitate out*2 and become cloudy. In order to prevent this from happening, whisky is usually filtered after being cooled down to about 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. The ingredients that precipitate when cooled are either malt-derived or barrel-derived, both of which are considered to be flavor components of whiskey. The fact that the whiskey is not cooled and filtered means that it is bottled with the flavor components of the malt and barrels intact, resulting in a whiskey with a more complex and richer taste.

*2 Precipitation: The separation of crystals or individual components from a liquid substance.



Nose Spicy, dry barley, sweet and sour aroma reminiscent of sherry, oak aroma with vanilla
Taste Cinnamon, ginger, green apple, orange, bitter chocolate, buttery smooth texture
Aftertaste Refreshing sweetness that changes to a faintly tidal and smoky aftertaste.



Alcohol content 46%
alcohol category Blended malt whisky
Cask type Sherry and Quercus barrels
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 6,600 yen (tax included)
Release date Release date



Our Take

If you add a little water, the citrus aroma and honey-like sweetness will increase, and the refreshing taste will become more pronounced and pleasant to drink.

On the rocks, the spiciness is emphasized and the dryness comes to the fore, but the aftertaste is extended with a hint of sweetness.



When it is mixed with soda, it becomes a highball with a refreshing fruity sourness that is easy to drink at once.

As can be said for the entire Leaf series of Ichiro’s Malt, it is an “extremely difficult to obtain” whisky, and is sold online at a pre-price of two to three times the list price. If you are a fan of Japanese whisky, it is a whisky that you should buy immediately if you find it at a liquor store at a fixed price. If you check liquor stores regularly, you may be able to find it.



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