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INAZUMA Extra Selected Edition No.2

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This is a collaboration whiskey by Nagahama Distillery and Eigashima Distillery (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture).Realized by exchanging malt liquor This is a collaboration whisky made by Nagahama Distillery and Eigashima Distillery (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture). In Scotland, there has been an active exchange of raw whisky since ancient times, and many unique blended whiskies have been born.

INAZUMA” has been associated with farming since ancient times and is said to bring a good harvest.

The name of the product is derived from the appearance of the kanji character for “Shigeru” in the name of the prefecture, and the label depicts the nature of Lake Biwa and the stork, the symbol of Hyogo Prefecture, flying over the lake. If you look at the Lake Biwa in the center, you can see the bright white walls of the Eigashima distillery behind it.


The Bottle

A blend of unpeated malt from Nagahama Distillery, lightly peated malt from Eigashima Distillery, and malt from overseas


Image Exhibit: INAZUMA Extra Selected Edition No.2Hime-S|Whiskey,Nagahama Distillery

The aroma is fresh and fruity, reminiscent of grapefruit, with refreshing accents of herbs and mint. The peaty aroma is reminiscent of the sea air at the beach. The mouthfeel is very smooth, with ripe red apple, dried fruit, and berry accents behind the fresh orange. Pleasant tannins from the oak. The finish is long, with soft peaty notes that waver and then fade away.




Aroma Orange, grapefruit, soft peaty aroma
Taste Refreshing acidity of citrus fruits, herbaceous freshness, smoky
Aftertaste Firm oaky aroma mixed with a very slight peatiness, with a long lingering finish




Alcohol content 47% alcohol by volume
By alcohol

・Non-peated malt from Nagahama Distillery
・Lightly peated malt from Eigashima Distillery
・Unpeated malt from overseas

Barrel type
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 6,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 7,590 yen (6,900 yen without tax)
Release date November 9, 2021



Our Take

The first batch of INAZU with the Sabromaru Distillery was unexpectedly less peaty, and the whiskey had a fruity sweetness that made it easier to feel the soft, non-peated malt of the Nagahama Distillery than the peated malt of the Sabromaru Distillery.

This new whiskey has a fuller and tastier flavor with a strong taste profile and barrel aroma, and it is a bit heavier and more drinkable than the previous whiskey.

The Nagahama distillery is actively crowdfunding for the “whiskey blending experience” and is making efforts to promote whiskey. We can’t take our eyes off their future activities.


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