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Iwai Tradition

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Iwai Tradition” is a commemorative blended whiskey released in 2010 to honor the achievements of Kiichiro Iwai, who supported Hombo Shuzo in its early days of whiskey making. More than half a century of Hombo Shuzo’s whiskey making techniques and experience have been poured into this whiskey.


The Bottle

Grain-derived, heavy and satisfying aroma.

It is characterized by a complex and pleasant aroma, gentle and soft on the palate, but with a firm body and a sense of maturity. Elegant and dignified taste. By vatting various cask types and peated malt raw materials in a perfect balance , you can enjoy an elegant softness on the palate and a balanced harmony with each taste. It is a blended whisky.




Aroma Moderate aroma of peat and a touch of alcohol. After a while, vanilla and ripe raisins appear. There is more peat than I expected, and a strong smokiness. Complex and pleasant aroma.
Taste Unlike the heavy image, the mouthfeel is soft, rich honeyed, buttery, burnt caramel, floral like yellow flowers, slightly spicy, peachy and fruity.
Aftertaste A pleasant bitterness like carbonated water and a pudding-like sweetness that leaves a soft aftertaste.



Alcohol content 40% alcohol by volume
alcohol category Blended Whisky
Barrel type Barrel type
Contents 750ml
Number of bottles sold Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 2,200 yen (tax included)
Release date 2010




Our Take

It is another rank higher than Mars Whisky’s “Twin Alps” in both price and taste. It is a whisky that can be enjoyed on the rocks, or split as you like without any hesitation in terms of price. The aroma and taste are mellow and rich, and the flavor lingers for a while even with a very light splash of water. The aroma also lingers for a while. It can also be enjoyed in a highball or on the rocks, and as you continue to drink it, you will start to feel a slight sweetness.

Honbo Shuzo is famous for Mars Shinshu Distillery, but recently, they have been releasing whiskeys from Tsunuki Distillery one after another, creating high quality Japanese whiskeys such as “Tsunuki the First” and “Tsunuki Peated” .

Both the Mars Shinshu Distillery and the Mars Tsunuki Distillery are currently offering tours of their distilleries, although there are some restrictions, so if you are interested, why not visit them?


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