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Single Malt Komagatake Limited Edition 2020

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Limited edition 2020 bottling of single malt, released on September 16, 2020. Production ended, limited to 15,000 bottles.

Last year’s single malt was aged in bourbon and American white oak barrels. This year’s single malt will be aged in sherry and American white oak barrels, which will give it a much different flavor.



Tasting Notes

Vatting of malted barley aged in sherry and American white oak barrels

The Single Malt Komagatake Limited Edition 2020 is a limited edition single malt whisky bottled in 2020, vatted mainly from malt barrels matured in sherry and American white oak barrels in the beautiful natural environment of Shinshu.

It has an aroma of ripe plums, followed by mildly sweet notes of elegant honey and vanilla.

The palate is well-balanced with orange-like fruitiness and a bitter taste reminiscent of cocoa, followed by a sweet and gentle aftertaste. 



Nose Sweet aroma of vanilla and cookies, and ripe fruit aroma.
Taste The sweetness of vanilla and cocoa changes to the sweetness characteristic of sherry casks.
Aftertaste Nutty, bitter, and gentle aftertaste.



Alcohol content 50% alcohol by volume
by alcohol Single malt whisky
Barrel alcohol Sherry casks, American white oak barrels
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Approx. 15,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 8,580 yen (tax included)
Release date September 16, 2020


Our Take

Although it has an alcohol content of 50 degrees, it is not tingling and has a sweet syrup/honey taste.

When watered down, it becomes even mellower and the sweet aroma opens up even more.

Straight or on the rocks, it has a rich taste with no peculiarities, and the flavor and sweetness are exquisite and full-bodied.

BAR Shinkai also has last year’s Limited Edition, so please try to compare the two.

Both 2019 and 2020 are limited edition bottles.


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