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Archie Rose's New Small Batch High Test Molasses Rum Cask Single Malt Whisky From The Trials and Exceptions Series

What you need to know:

  • Archie Rose is due to release their latest edition from their small batch Trials and Exceptions Series that focuses on more experimental spirits crafted with unique Aussie influences.
  • The latest edition will be a High Test Molasses Rum Cask Finish single malt whisky.
  • This will be available on 23 March 2022 for a limited number of bottles.
  • Past releases have seen the High Test Molasses Rum whose cask is being used for this latest release, as well as some pretty unique Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky and their most recent being the Red Gum Smoked Single Malt Whisky.
  • We really enjoyed the core Single Malt and Rye Malt expressions for their clean, crisp flavors of wild honey, Mediterranean herbs, grains, fruity nose and smooth texture. So expect that plus more here.
  • The Trials and Exceptions series allows us to try some really unique whiskies that truly reflect Aussie influences - malt, production, cask; the full Aussie works!
  • Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop


The new Archie Rose Trials and Exceptions release. (Image Source: Archie Rose)


Rising Aussie star distillery, Archie Rose, is readying a new small batch whisky from their experimental Trials and Exceptions series - a High Test Molasses Rum Cask Finished Single Malt Whisky.


"The story goes: over at Archie Rose HQ, a bet was brewing within the distilling team over a few excess High Test Molasses Rum casks that were knocking about. The wager was, we couldn’t make a premium tasting rum cask finished whisky, and when those spare ex-high rum barrels rolled in, it was time to roll up our sleeves and get experimenting. 

The resulting liquid exceeds all expectations and captures the sense of invention and camaraderie that went into making it. Striking a beautiful balance between malt and molasses — layered over notes of sticky date pudding and rum and raisin ice cream — this is a single malt whisky made for elevating the everyday."



The original high-test molasses rum from which the casks were source. (Image Source: Archie Rose)


Sourcing The High-Test Molasses Rum Casks Used

The rum cask used for this release comes from an alumni from the same Trials and Exceptions series. The High-Test Molasses Rum was itself the third release in the series and was created by first removing the sugar during the extraction process to create the high-test molasses. The style of rum created is known for its elegance and richness, with a small amount of bold blackstrap molasses added to the fermentation, with both types of molasses produced from sustainably grown and milled sugarcanes sourced from New South Wales farms. It was then distilled in copper pot stills before being aged in 100L Australian Port casks.


Archie Rose's Trials and Exceptions Series

The series looks to "uncover innovative ways to showcase flavor profiles of the special, local botanicals and grains [the distillery] source[s]". This way, the distillery is able to share their behind-the-scenes R&D that goes on in the distillery everyday. The series is designed to be incredibly diverse and features spirits of all breeds - whisky, gin, vodka, rum and more. This allows fans to try some incredibly unique Australia-only spirits and provenance-rich spirits, some of which coming from incredibly craft Australian farms.


Will Edwards (center, seated) and the team at Archie Rose. (Image Source: PubTIC)


"In what is still a typically traditional industry, we're having lots of fun seeking out new ingredients and raw materials and developing production techniques to push the boundaries and show what's possible in distillation."
- Will Edwards, Founder of Archie Rose

The series has seen some very unique releases from a Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky to their latest Red Gum Smoked Single Malt Whisky.

The latest Rum cask finished bottle goes on sale 23 March 2022, and as with all small batch releases from the Trials and Exceptions series, once gone, it's gone for good. 


Our Take

We've thoroughly enjoyed Archie Rose's whiskies and really recommend trying to get your hands on both the Single Malt and Rye Malt whiskies that make up their core range. They are superb. Clean, crisp flavors, loads of natural wild honey sweetness, grains and herbs, fruity on the nose, smooth on the palate. Really solid stuff. Only issue is they are really difficult to get a hold of unless you're down under.

With the small batch Trials and Exceptions expressions, you don't just get the usual great stuff but it offers a real taste of some really unique Aussie influences that really make their bottlings so worth trying. This is real Australian whisky - malt, production, cask; the full works!

PS. I'm a sucker for rum cask finished whiskies.


Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop





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