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Asahi Launches Innovative ‘Draft Beer In A Can’ Nama Jokki Edition in Singapore!


Asahi Super Dry is Japan's most popular beer, and it continues to reign supreme in the market since the 90s'. Known for starting the "Super Dry" phenomenon with its invention of dry Japanese beer, this brand has been a staple in Japan since its seismic entrance into the market. We're talking about that light, crisp taste and distinctive tangy aftertaste (known as Karakuchi or '辛口' to the locals) which made Asahi Super Dry a huge hit with the Japanese, and also made it a perfect companion for Japanese and Asian dishes.

Fast-forward to the present day, and it's clear that Asahi's appeal isn't just a passing trend, and the company emphasises ongoing product innovation. Asahi has just announced the launch of the much-anticipated Asahi Super Dry 'Nama Jokki' in Singapore. After four years of R&D, the company developed the Nama Jokki, a special canned beer that replicates the frothy feel of a freshly tapped draft Asahi beer. 


But what sets this canned beer apart? Aimed at enhancing the at-home beer experience, it has a patented interior coating that creates a luxurious, creamy foam on top, mirroring the sensation of a draft beer served in a bar or restaurant. The drinker simply pops open the can to trigger the formation of fine foam, making it akin to a beer freshly poured from a tap. The fully opened top not only intensifies the aroma but also enriches the taste as the beer flows into your mouth.



This new variant brings a festive touch to home gatherings, complementing a wide range of cuisines and flavours. Its signature 'quick peak and clean finish' flavour also makes it an excellent choice for many occasions. This product's design excellence has been internationally recognised, earning a Gold Medal in the Design & Packaging Awards at the International Beer Challenge.

This product is now available in Singapore at FairPrice outlets from 21 December, and will be priced at S$26.40 for a six-pack of cans. For a limited time until 3 February 2024, beer lovers can enjoy a special promotional offer of S$19.70 for a six-pack.

This inventive product is not just a new release but a testament to Asahi's commitment to cutting edge Japanese innovation in the beer industry. Try it! 


88 Bamboo Editorial Team