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Bowmore’s Aston Martin Collaboration Hits Global Travel Retail

What you need to know:

  • As part of Bowmore’s ongoing partnership with British luxury carmaker Aston Martin, Bowmore gives its existing global travel retail range a new look, with labels inspired by vintage Aston Martin cars.
  • The 10 Year Old features the LM10 which debuted in 1932’s Le Mans Endurance Race, the 15 Year Old features the concept Atom car, the 18 Year Old features the sports car DB Mark III.
  • Makes for nice wall décor.



Islay distillery Bowmore first agreed to partner British luxury carmaker Aston Martin in November 2019 (does anyone remember the good ol’ days?) to create exclusive partnership bottlings. 

The first of which was the Black Bowmore DB5 1964 which was launched in 2020.



Now, Bowmore has unveiled the first partnership limited edition range dedicated for travel retail. This will see the existing 10, 15 and 18 year old Bowmore bottlings feature new designs from Aston Martin.


“The Designed by Aston Martin collection continues to highlight the ambition that we have for the Bowmore brand and provides our clients with new concepts with strong consumer appeal, alongside vital growth opportunities.”

- Manuel Gonzalez,

Bowmore Brand Director for Global Travel Retail


The 10 Year Old is inspired by Aston Martin’s factory team car LM10, which first debuted at the 24 Hour Le Mans endurance race in 1932. The race was famously featured in the movie Ford v Ferrari, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, albeit that was the 1966 edition of the race, but hey every Le Mans has an incredible story behind it. Amazing movie, check it out.



What’s unique about the new 10 Year Old design is that it features the LM10’s technical expertise in the label design, showcasing “cutting-edge” technology used to reduce weight and accelerate speed. 


(Image Source: Moodie Davitt Report)

The Bowmore 15 Year Old features the Aston Martin Atom concept car on its label, while the Bowmore 18 Year Old features the Aston Martin sports car DB Mark III.

(Image Source: Moodie Davitt Report)


Quick recap: Bowmore 10 uses Spanish Oak casks, the 15 Year Old is matured in first-fill Bourbon casks and hogshead, while the 18 year old is aged in Oloroso and PX casks. 

This will hit global travel retail in August 2021, priced at US$63 for the 10 Year, US$87 for the 15 Year and US$130 for the 18 Year.


Our Take

Would make nice wall décor if you’re into vintage cars. Seems like whisky-car partnerships are all the rage; Macallan having announced a partnership with Bentley a couple of weeks ago.