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Clase Azul Collaborates With Mexican Artist Eduardo Sarabia For Sinaloa Inspired Exotic Tequila


Love it or hate it, Clase Azul knows how to grab our attention with their iconic makeshift doorbell bottle - strike the metallic bulb cap in the right spot and it'll return a vibrant ring.

The luxury tequila maker has now collaborated with Mexican artist Eduardo Sarabia, who is known for his works exploring folklore through motifs - just one thing, this bottle comes with a US$5,500 price tag. But it's basically art at this point.



Adorning the bottle are motifs of roosters, parrots and goats which pay homage to Sarabia's Sinaloa, Mexico, heritage. There's also fish scales, workman's tools and even a Dos Peso coin stamped with 1976, Sarabia's birth year, that completes the work.



But if you thought it was all just glitz, wait till you get a whiff of what's inside - a blend of unaged blanco, anejo aged in Russian oak casks, and anejo aged in amontillado sherry casks.



Official Tasting Notes


Pale gold with golden highlights.


Agave nectar, walnut, tangerine peel and light herbal undertones.


Agave nectar, spearmint and ripe tangerine with a long earthy and toasted walnut finish.


The new Eduardo Sarabia collaborative piece goes hard, and there'll be just 450 bottles available at Clase Azul boutiques.




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