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DC-Inspired London Restaurant Park Row Unveils Single Malt - Inishtree 25 Year Old Speyside; Batman and Gotham Fans Look Out!

What you need to know:

  • Park Row, a London Gotham-themed gastro-experience dining venue has dropped their inaugural bottling - the Inishtree Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
  • The Inishtree bottling, named after Bruce Wayne's ancestral home, contains a 25 Year Old Scotch whisky from the now shuttered Imperial Distillery.
  • The whisky was distilled in 1993 and bottled in 2019, aged in a single refill Bourbon barrel. It was specially selected by Speciality Drinks (linked to The Whisky Exchange).
  • Official notes below!
  • A total of 145 bottles is released, with each bottle priced at 495 GBP or 663 USD. Fans can register their interest at the link below.
  • Cop the Drop of Not Verdict: Cop


Get set DC fans, this one's for you. (Image Source: Flickr, Park Row)

I'll bet most of you don't know that tucked away in London is a whole DC-inspired restaurant - by which I mean the whole nine yards, its got a variety of drinking spots, restaurants and even an immersive storyline-d private dining venue called the Monarch Theatre. The whole idea is for DC fans to enter into the world of our Dark Knight, the Batman.

Whether you're hitting up The Penguin's Iceberg Lounge or Catwoman's Rogues Gallery and even passing through the Old Gotham City, it really is the full Gotham experience. And for anyone who's seen Gotham, would you be surprised the the spirit of choice of the dark, mysterious city is none other than whisky?


Pennyworth's bar, classy man needs a classy drink. (Image Source: Park Row)

That's right, the experientially heightened venue even has Pennyworth's, a whisky bar inspired by Alfred, Batman's butler. Classy man needs a classy drink. At Pennyworth's you'll be served using a specially designed whisky trolley with a cantilever system that ensures the perfect pour every time.

And what's a whisky bar without its own whisky? In comes the Inishtree 25 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky; Inishtree being the fictional town where our beloved hero hails, home to Castle Wayne.


The inaugural bottling is aptly named after the place from which our Dark Knight hails, Inishtree. (Image Source: Pinterest)

We'll save you the guessing - the inaugural Inishtree bottling will contain a 25 Year Old single malt from Imperial Distillery, which is no longer active, making this bottling all the more alluring. A great choice for an inaugural whisky if you ask me!

A total of 145 bottles will be released, the Imperial Scotch being distilled in 1993 and aged in a single refill Bourbon barrel and subsequently bottled in 2019 by none other than Speciality Drinks (from the good guys over at online retailer The Whisky Exchange). If your eyes are sharp, you'd perhaps find the design of the label vaguely familiar to that of their co-bottling with famous Japan whisky bar Mash Tun Tokyo, the Clynelish 1999 21 Years of Friendship, and even reminiscent of their 2021 April Fool's bottling.


(Image Source: Park Row)


Official Tasting Notes
Sugared Almonds, Biscuits, Lemon Curds, Meadow Flowers
Candy Bracelets, Sweet Buttermints, Lemon Zest


Each bottle goes for 495 GBP or 663 USD and can be purchased by registering your interest directly with the venue, Park Row at inishtree@parkrowlondon.co.uk.


Our Take

First off, I must declare that I am 110% biased here because I'm a massive Batman fan and I've spent an unconscionable amount of my allowance even when I was a kid on picking out Batman comics at the nearby comic book store. So you already know this is right down my alley.

Biases aside, I will admit that I've found TWE's bottlings increasingly expensive though they have done a spectacular job of their bottlings' presentation, the significance of the co-bottlings and even the quality of the whiskies.


Notice any similarity? Just me? (Image Source: TWE)


Though given that this is bottle of whisky from Imperial Distillery, which was sadly shut in 2013, obviously scarcity value plays a huge role here and so a lost distillery premium is to be expected. Personally, I really enjoy Imperial's whiskies, they remind me a little of Linkwood, which I find wildly underrated.

So all things considered, this bottle certainly ticks quite a number of checkboxes:

✔ Massive Batman fan

✔ Inaugural bottling for Gotham-themed venue

✔ Imperial's whiskies are a big hit with me

✔ Presentation looks incredible

✔ Great bottler (Speciality Drinks by TWE)


You think this applies to willingness to pay for a bottle? (Image Source: Reddit)


So it is with a light wallet that I must concede that despite the thick premium, this one's a cop.

Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop

Batman/DC fans, run, don't walk on this one.


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