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First Look: Yamazaki Smoky Batch & Hakushu Japanese Forest Limited Edition



It looks like Suntory would soon be releasing two entirely new limited edition single malt collections from their flagship distilleries.



We'll be seeing the Yamazaki Smoky Batch 'The First' single malt. This looks to be another heavily peated expression from Yamazaki. For now we imagine this would share some similarities with the Yamazaki Tsukuriwake selection's Yamazaki Peated Malt. The new Yamazaki Smoky Batch "The First" single malt is retailing for 18,000 JPY or US$120.


Official Tasting Notes


Golden Hues


Pineapple and honey notes with the slightly smoky aroma of glowing embers.


A sweetly fruity flavour, with slowly spreading, gentle smokiness.


The faintly woody and peaty flavour elements that linger long after the first sip.



We'll also see the new Hakushu Japanese Forest 'Bittersweet Edition'. At this point, not much else has been revealed about these expressions, but the 'Bittersweet' description appears to hark back to the Hakushu Spanish Oak which appeared in 2021, which was aged in Spanish Oak barrels that previously held Sherry, thus giving it sweet and bittersweet notes imparted by the Spanish Oak barrels. 

The new Hakushu Japanese Forest Bittersweet Edition single malt is retailing for 18,000 JPY or US$120.


Official Tasting Notes


Amber with reddish hues


Cloves, apricot, prune


A sweetly complex but sprightly flavor with notes of Manuka honey, orange marmalade, and cacao


A well-balanced espresso-like bitter flavor that lingers pleasantly. 




88 Bamboo Editorial Team