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Glen Grant's Oldest Ever Single Malt: Devotion 70 Year Old Is A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II



Well-known Scotch distillery from Speyside, Glen Grant Distillery, has unveiled its oldest release to date, a 70-year-old single malt whisky named the Glen Grant Devotion. The release is a tribute to the late HM Queen Elizabeth II's 70-year reign, highlighting her enduring service and commitment to nature and conservation throughout her life.

With exclusivity at its core, just seven (!) bottles of the Glen Grant Devotion would be available. Derived from a single French oak butt seasoned with oloroso sherry, the whisky was distilled in 1953, which incidentally aligns with Queen Elizabeth coronation in 1953. This ultra premium limited release boasts an ABV of 55.5%. It is noteworthy that such a high strength is not typical for a release of this age.


Queen Elizabeth II's coronation took place in London in 1953, same year this Glen Grant was distilled. Although her reign began in 1952, her coronation was rumoured to have been slightly delayed by Winston Churchill to avoid giving up his Prime Minister position! (Source: Getty Images)


Behind the selection of this expression is Glen Grant's Master Distiller, Dennis Malcolm OBE. With a remarkable tenure surpassing 60 years in whisky production, Malcolm is currently recognised as the longest-serving distiller in Scotland. He is also a recipient of the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame accolade, said to be the highest personal accolade in the world of whisky.



Each Glen Grant Devotion expression is encased in a hand-blown decanter, specially designed as a jewel-shaped ornament. With seven distinct facets, the design represents the seven decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. 

The decanter is housed in an intricate wooden sculpture crafted from elm wood sourced directly from a tree located within Glen Grant Distillery's very own Victorian Garden. 




Adding to the elegance, the silver diameter of the wood sculpture is engraved with motifs of the Lily of the Valley, known to be a favourite of Her Majesty. This is seamlessly complemented by the iconic Thistle of Scotland flower, celebrating both the Queen's preferences and Scottish heritage.

An additional standout feature is the silver capsule that each decanter is topped with. Each of these capsules is distinguished with a unique floral engraving, which reflects the well-documented Victorian Garden of Glen Grant Distillery.


Glen Grant's Victorian Garden is a public garden famous for its natural beauty and floras, certainly evocative of Monet's water lilies! (Source: Live Breathe Scotland)


Drawing parallels with its lush greenery and vibrant florals each decanter has a unique individual engraving. For instance, the first decanter is engraved with The Queen Elizabeth Rose. Meanwhile, the second decanter, specifically intended for the Singapore market, bears an engraving of the Orchid flower - the national flower of Singapore (and also HM's bridal bouquet during her wedding), which again underscores the thoughtful specificity of each design.


Decanter Number One will be offered for auction by Sotheby’s. This online sale is scheduled to take place from the 11th to the 22nd of September 2023. Impressively, all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Royal Scottish Forestry Society, an organization for which Queen Elizabeth II served as Patron.



The funds will be utilised to bolster the efforts of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society, especially in continuing the legacy of Glen Grant Distillery's founding father, James Grant, concerning his beloved Victorian Garden. A new planting site on Speyside will also be established with the support from this donation.

For collectors keen on acquiring one of the remaining six decanters, here is the breakdown of the allocation:

  • Number Two "Orchid" – Singapore 
  • Number Three "Daffodil" – Hong Kong 
  • Number Four "Daisy & Clematis" – the US 
  • Number Five "Begonia" – China 
  • Number Six "Stephanotis" – Japan
  • Number Seven "Rose" – the UK

Official Tasting Notes


Deep chestnut with bright golden hues


Floral, intense barley sugar, and ripe peach give way to honey sweetness.


Dried fruits, raisins, sultana, dry spice, hint of oak.


Lingering, rich and complex, soft fruits, spice, hint of smoke.

The above six decanters will be available for purchase in October 2023. Interested parties may enquire with Campari Group’s RARE Division’s Sales Executive Cathy Sun. 

Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm explained Glen Grant's tribute of the Devotion to Queen Elizabeth, saying: “To be devoted, is to show unwavering loyalty and love to something you care for deeply, which sits at the heart of our whisky-making philosophy, as well as shining through with our creative collaborators. This is a lifetime of character and legacy captured in a magnificent creation, like nothing we have ever seen.” 


So here's raising another glass both to Glen Grant, and the long and remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth!  


88 Bamboo Editorial Team