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Glenfiddich Hails Lunar New Year With Entire Artistic Gift Pack Set


As we're gearing up for Lunar New Year celebrations come February, Glenfiddich has something for the whisky enthusiasts here. 

They're teaming up with Japanese-Canadian artist Raku Inoue for a set of limited edition gift packs. This collaboration is timed perfectly for the celebrations.

Raku Inoue, born in Japan and currently based in Canada, is known for his work with organic materials. He's been involved in drawing, handcrafting, and photography. His unique approach brings a fresh perspective to Glenfiddich's offerings. The theme here is a blend of art and nature, reflecting both Raku's style and Glenfiddich's spirit.

The focus of this collection is the integration of Glenfiddich's iconic Stag with the Wood Dragon – a symbol of the astrological year 2024. Wood Dragons, according to astrology, are said to be natural leaders, much like the pioneers of Glenfiddich. Raku's design concept for Glenfiddich revolves around growth and new beginnings, symbolized by forest leaves and the promise of a flourishing future.



He mentions that his goal was to symbolize growth and renewal through nature. This is evident in the way he has crafted the Glenfiddich Stag, called the "Fu Lu" in Chinese, using petals and natural elements, tying it to the theme of the auspicious occasion.

The limited edition series includes the Glenfiddich Reserva Rum Cask 21 Year Old pack along with 12, 15, and 18 Year Old variants. Each pack comes with a bottle and branded glasses. The Reserva Rum Cask 21 is an award-winning whisky, known for its spicy warmth and sweet notes, a result of being finished in Caribbean rum-soaked casks.


"For joyous moments" – 12 Year Old Gift Pack


"For vibrant gatherings" – 15 Year Old Gift Pack


"For long-awaited gatherings" – 18 Year Old Gift Pack


"For the grandest of celebrations" – 21 Year Old Gift Pack

Attend the Glenfiddich Chinese New Year Pop-Up Experience in Singapore

Also, if you're in Singapore during this period, don't miss the Glenfiddich Chinese New Year Pop-Up Experience at Suntec City, running from 25 January to 4 February 2024.

This pop-up at Suntec City Atrium Tower 3 & 4 includes interactive digital games where you can win prizes, a chance to customise your own Glenfiddich 'Fu' (福) decor with a choice of your blessing for the year, and a bar where you can try a special Lunar New Year-themed Glenfiddich highball. Plus, there's an opportunity to buy the Glenfiddich Lunar New Year limited edition pack at a promotional price, with the option of free bottle label personalisation.

This event, in partnership with 1855 The Bottle Shop, is open from 12 pm to 9 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and 11am to 10pm on Fridays to Sundays. It's free to enter for anyone aged 18 and above.

So, if you're a whisky fan or just looking for a unique gift, these Glenfiddich packs might be worth checking out. They'll also be available soon at authorised retailers! 

Kanpai, and Happy Lunar New Year!

88 Bamboo Editorial Team