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Mortlach Hails New Creative Era, Names Famed Designer As First Creative Director



Philippe Starck is a name synonymous with innovative European design in a wide range of high-end products and architecture. And it looks like the renowned French designer has just found a new canvas in the world of Scotch whisky.

Known for his expansive work in product, interior and architectural design, Starck is a proponent of "democratic design" - an approach to creation that is about making good design accessible to everyone. This philosophy, along with his commitment to sustainability sets him apart in the design world.


(Source: Alessi)


Yesterday, Diageo-owned Speyside whisky distillery Mortlach announced its appointment of Starck as its first-ever Creative Director. This decision signals a new and modernising chapter for the 200-year-old Scotch whisky brand, famed for its rich heritage and legacy in Scotch whisky making.

Describing this as a "new era" for Mortlach, the brand's the appointment of Starck suggests a major facelift to the Mortlach brand aesthetic.

“Since its creation, the brand has been inventing and exploring new territories, crafting whiskies that are incredibly rich without any gimmick or anything superfluous. This was a strong shock for me, as Mortlach clearly already belonged to the future. The evolution story of Mortlach takes a leap forward into modernity, with the elegance of nature and the magic of science at the service of humanity,” said Philippe Starck.



Not only would Starck be Mortlach's first Creative Director, Mortlach would also represent Starck's first collaboration with a Scotch whisky brand. The brand shared its vision of redefining what whisky represents to a new generation.

To celebrate this new creative era, Mortlach would be releasing a new whisky collection: MORTLACH x STARCK. Set to debut in the second quarter of 2024, this collection will be a showcase of Starck's creative influence which would possibly reshape how Scotch whisky is perceived and enjoyed.

“One of the most visionary contemporary creators, Philippe Starck, joins Mortlach as our true partner and we are proud to be the first Scotch whisky brand he has ever worked with. Together we will venture into creative new heights, reinventing what whisky will represent to a generation, reimagining and rebuilding the spirit of Mortlach.” - Pedro Mendonça, Diageo’s Global Reserve Managing Director


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