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Fettercairn Warehouse 2 – Batch #001

Quick Take:

  • Fettercairn’s whiskies are fruity and floral which is a style beloved by many in Asia.
  • This is Fettercairn’s first small batch bottling, coming from a range of 5 casks, with an outturn of 3,600 bottles, bottled at 49.7% abv, NAS labelled. Tasting notes below!
  • Fettercairn’s fruity style is because of their unique use of a copper ring around their distillation stills which helps douse water to cool down the stills, allowing more lighter fruity vapors to form the final whisky.
  • We highly recommend!


Fettercairn Warehouse 2 - Batch 001

(Image Source: The Whisky Shop)

    Fettercairn’s Warehouse 2 Batch #001 is the Highland distillery’s first release of a limited edition small batch expression. It is a blended single malt comprising of five different cask styles, which were filled in 2010 and left to mature in Warehouse 2 of Fettercairn’s 16 warehouses. 

    This included:

    • Unseasoned virgin oak casks
    • Sherry butts and barrels (essentially differently shaped casks with different oak to distillate ratio that affects the intensity of the sherry on the whisky)
    • ex-Bourbon barrels
    • Port pipes (casks that previously held Port wine).

    The outturn (number of bottles produced) was 3,600 bottles, bottled at 49.7% abv, labelled NAS (non-age statement).


    The tasting notes include: 


    • Light, elegant and floral, tropical and orchard fruits, heather honey


    • Creamy, fresh coffee beans, Turkish Delight, spicy apple tart
    • (with water) sweet vanilla notes, maple syrup and fudge


    • Warm lingering finish

    Our Take:

    Fettercairn recently underwent a much needed major overhaul and re-launched a new core range with a completely new packaging and bottle design. Prior to that, Fettercairn had poor exposure and visibility to the public despite its long heritage and being part of the Whyte & Mackay group (whose other distilleries include Dalmore, Royal Brackla, Glenlivet, Highland Park, etc). 

    In 2018, Fettercairn rationalized their brand story, now focusing on two brand symbols that communicate its heritage: the unicorn (coat of arms of the distillery’s founder) and the copper ring uniquely used in Fettercairn’s distillation stills. Also helps that they dropped the “old” from its original name “Old Fettercairn).

    The new Fettercairn core range, with its new logo featuring a unicorn in a copper ring. 

    Personally, I think what is most interesting about Fettercairn, marketing fluff aside, is the use of a copper ring on its distillation stills which is used to cool the still by continuously dousing cool spring water over it.

    Fettercairn’s unique use of a copper ring to cool its distillation stills (indicated by the green box)

    This is designed to cool the copper and increasing condensation to allow lighter vapours to rise and be collected, and is the reason why Fettercairn’s whiskies are much fruitier in flavor.

    As you can see, over time the minerals from the spring water used to cool the stills forms a patina (fancy way of saying stain) which is also now part of the new brand identity. 

    This is why in the new Fettercairn 22 year old, you see the top and bottom of its box with a nice patina-stained copper design, which isn’t just some random design meant to look artisanal.

    All in, Fettercairn has certainly begun to be taken notice of and I do encourage drinkers, seasoned or new, to try it. Its fruity floral favors usually hit the spot especially for the Asian palate and hence is accessible in both taste and wallet-friendliness.