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The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Cover Designer Collaborates With Macallan To Release Limited 13-Bottle “1967” Collection

Macallan 1967 Peter Blake Collection
(Image Source: The Spirits Business)

Macallan debuted a new Anecdotes of Ages Collection comprising of 13 bottles of 1967 Macallan whisky, which were then donned with labels designed by Sir Peter Blake.

Sir Peter Blake is famous for his collage style artworks which gained popularity when the Beatles’ used them for their hit album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Caption: You might have seen this somewhere before, you hipster.

Each bottle will feature an original collage from Sir Peter Blake that shares bits of Macallan’s history, community and the famous Easter Elchies which Macallan calls home. This partnership is not new however, Macallan has in fact worked with the artist for more than three decades. 

“I am deeply inspired by the incredible legacy of The Macallan, and its emphasis on family, tradition, and the natural world,” said the artist.


Macallan 1967 Peter Blake Collection

(Image Source: Bloomberg)

“Each collage in The Anecdotes of Ages Collection is inspired by The Macallan’s history and heritage, one that respects time and craft, two essential components of my own creative process. I meticulously worked on each collage, pulling from The Macallan Estate’s rich history to complete a collection that is a celebration of art and whisky.”

Each bottle is hand blown with an oak stopper and have been individually signed by Sir Peter Blake. They also come in a very lush European oak case with photos of the artist’s journey with the distillery and a leather-cased book with a certificate of authenticity (does anyone want my signature? Just putting it out there. Anyone? No one? Okay.)


Macallan 1967 Peter Blake Collection

(Image Source: Barron’s)

If you are a huge Macallan fan and have some serious bucks to blow, do note that the 13th bottle in the collection will remain in the Macallan’s archive. It’ll instead be released as a limited edition bottling with the same label and of course, the liquid.

In total there will be 332 bottles of the set, each costing US$83,000. 

The tasting notes are said to be “notes of oak and fig leading to a burst of hazelnut and strawberry and finishes with complex flavors of chocolate and lightly spiced peach” according to Sarah Burgess, Macallan’s chief whisky maker.

Macallan 1967 Peter Blake Collection

(Image Source: Just-Drinks)

Macallan will also offer a specially created whisky titled “An Estate, A Community and A Distillery” inspired by Sir Peter Blake, which will go for US$1,200 in a custom box inspired by the artist’s art, also with a certificate of authenticity and even a scroll featuring his artwork. Nothing yells authentic more than a scroll. Do note this is an NAS expression and will be sold via ballot.

 Macallan 1967 Peter Blake Collection
(Image Source: Bloomberg)

Since it is art after all, are we surprised to find out Sotheby’s and New York’s Guggenheim Museum will be involved as well?

Sotheby’s will host a live auction on the 13 March 2021 in New York where one of the 13 original bottles from the new collection will be sold to raise funds for the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum.

(Image Source: The Spirits Business)

This lot titled “A New Era of Advertising” is expected to go for US$125,000 to US$750,000 and will also include a 3D Blake print and a bespoke two-day VIP experience at the Macallan distillery.

The Guggenheim Museum will feature an Virtual Art Exhibit showcasing the new collection and allows visitors to digitally explore the new collection. It will be featured across three galleries and provide a 360 virtual tour through the artist’s studio. Probably the most affordable option for the bulk of us. Nothing better than free-.99.


Image Source: Whisky Intelligence

This is unsurprisingly going to be a big hit with collectors, let us recall that he previously designed a 12-bottle set of 1986 Macallans which were at one point the record holder for most expensive bottle of whisky.

Sir Peter Blake has also worked with some of the biggest names in the UK, such as having designed fabrics for Stella McCartney.

Well, for us far as we’re concerned, the most affordable thing about this new release is the free digital tour on the Guggenheim Museum’s site. So be sure to check that out at https://www.themacallan.com/en-sg/virtual-art-exhibit! 

Kanpai! *In broke*