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Pernod Ricard's Sichuan Distillery 叠川 Chuan Makes Its Debut As The Chuan Pure Malt Whisky


Back in 2021, drinks giant Pernod Ricard unveiled the company's new whisky distillery in Emeishan (Mount Emei), Sichuan, China, named 叠川 The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery, said to be the first internationally established fully operational malt whisky distillery in China.

Now, Pernod Ricard has announced that the distillery's first expression is ready for launch as of 13 December 2023 - The Chuan Pure Malt Whisky Emeishan (叠川).  



"Pernod’s Chinese whisky has an intense flavor to fit in with strong tasting local cuisine, including the hot pots and spicy food that mark out Sichuan food."


For this expression, two types of barley were used, including Chinese barley and imported European barley. Three types of oak has also been used including more traditional American ex-Bourbon casks, Spanish ex-Sherry casks, and then more uniquely Chinese oak casks sourced from the Changbai Mountain, which provides flavours of "sandalwood and mandarin peel".

This will retail for 888 Yuan or US$124 for a 700ml (70cl) bottle and will be first made available in China through Pernod Ricard's key distributors. Two additional types of whisky will be retailed exclusively at the distillery's retail store for 1,199 Yuan for the Chuan Pure Malt Whisky Finished in PX Cask and the Chuan Pure Malt Whisky Bottle Your Own going for 1,488 Yuan as well.


First Impressions

While we've not yet tasted the new expression and definitely hope to do so - it strikes us as being rather peculiar that the term "Single Malt" is not being used for this first expression. Instead "Pure Malt Whisky" is used for this first expression which might imply that whiskies from other distilleries have been used to create a blend instead. Thus far no ABV or Proof has been officially announced either.

This might concern consumers trying to get a real sense of what the new Chuan Distillery's profile is like and would inhibit a sort of progress check.

It also remains to be seen if a sort of China provenance classification will emerge much like the Scotch whisky regulations that provide some definition and protection as to what constitutes a China whisky.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team