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Two New Dead Reckoning Rums This Way Comes - Port Broadside Jamaican Blend and Australian Commando Association Tribute


Australia's foremost independent rum bottler Dead Reckoning has been on a roll - with two releases to appear very soon.

The first is a Jamaican blend titled Port Broadside that is a blend of three Jamaican rums - Hampden LFCH mark, Worthy Park, and a New Yarmouth. 

What really takes the cake is that the blend is uniquely one of a kind given its ageing in a 120 year old Port cask from the esteemed Seppeltsfield winery in Adelaide, Australia. Expect this drop in the first week of September 2023.



"I’ve always been a funky rum junkie. Jamaican rum is synonymous with funk, dunder and ester.

When I was fortunate enough to find a tawny “port” cask from The 1800's I knew exactly what to age in it - the search for a Jamaican rum that had the right flavour profile started.

Desiring more than simply one single distillery, I ended up using a [blend of] Hampden / Worthy Park / New Yarmouth. Two of these are from pot stills and one from a column still.

The use of three Jamaican rums has given this layer upon layers of flavour profiles. Finished in a tawny cask was the icing on the cake; it married the funk flavours and esters together.

The Port Broadside series is a collection of rums aged in tawny (Port) casks - for the non-sailors out there, a "Broadside" is a firing of all the guns from one side of a warship."

Justin Boseley, Founder of Dead Reckoning



The second release will be significantly more difficult to get hands on, assuming you're not from the Australian Commando Association, because it is an exclusive replica of the exact rum enjoyed by the Australian special armed forces in commemoration of its 80th anniversary of a key mission undertaken in World War II.

To recreate the rum consumed then, Dead Reckoning had to make special efforts to source Australian-made Beenleigh rum from the UK, rather than domestically.

This very special release tells the story of a daring raid on the occupied Singapore harbour, codenamed Operation Jaywick. More details on the back label.

This will be released on September 8th.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team