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Velier Goes To Ecuador? A Curious Case of El Amparo Rum


We've known for a little while that La Maison & Velier (LM&V) has been in Ecuador on the prowl for new rum treasures to bring to its fans; are we finally getting a first look at what might be the next leg of LM&V's rum adventures?

A new label has emerged, "El Amparo Rum", which states:

"Agricoltor y distillador 

Carlos Baque Zorrilla

Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador

Ron Equatorial"


This translates to:

" Farmer and Distiller

Carlos Baque Zorrilla

Jipijapa, Manabi, Ecuador

Equatorial Rum"


With the name "El Amparo" itself translating to "The Protection", its front label features the process of rum making at the small craft distillery.



We're also told that the new Ecuadorian rum will be bottled at 60% ABV.

This seems to be akin to what LM&V did with Haiti's Clairins - small, single estate rums made by specific, individual craftsmen - even the illustration on the front label is evocative of what we saw with the Clairins.



As you might know, the Clairins was widely acclaimed by rum fans for giving the world a taste of some incredibly terroir-driven and terroir-specific white rums endemic to Haiti. Each expression featured single estate produced Clairins that were made by select craftsmen, whose methods and processes were entirely unique to them, creating some incredibly flavours.

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(Image Source: Manabi) 


This new Ecuadorian produce seems to come from an individual craft farmer and distiller, Carlos Baque Zorrilla, located in Jipijapa, Manabi, who currently has no further information on him available, and the design of the front label seems to indicate that he harvests his own cane and distills it.

Jipijapa is a canton in northwestern Ecuador, located in the Manabi Province, with a population size of only some 70,000 people, and is known for its rich culture, local culinary specialties such as its own ceviche, wilderness trails, coffee plantations and maize growing.

Will this be LM&V's new piece de resistance? Only time will tell.


Images courtesy of El Amparo.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team


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