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Zapaca Completes Heavenly Cask Collection With Le Pasion


Guatemala's Zacapa Rum has released the fourth and final edition of its Heavenly Cask Collection with La Pasion - The Passion Cask edition, which makes use of Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.

The Heavenly Cask Collection celebrates the four special casks used during the ageing process - La Doma (The Taming Cask), El Alma (The Soul Cask), La Armonia (The Harmony Cask), and finally La Pasion (The Passion Cask).


“There is no greater feeling than that of being surprised, awed and enchanted by experiences that capture our imaginations and spark a sense of wonder. This magical journey to create The Heavenly Cask Collection has been one of such discovery and joy and is a rum which I am immensely proud of. La Pasión - The Passion Cask is the final release and most certainly the jewel to our crown”. Lorena Vásquez, Master Blender for Zacapa



Official Tasting Notes


Mahogany with Golden Sparkles


Sweetness, Vanilla, Chocolate, Dried Fruit


Prunes, Raisins, Dates and Coffee


The new Zacapa La Pasion is bottled at 40% ABV, with an RRP of 80 EUR, and will be made available from November.





88 Bamboo Team