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Juyondai 十四代 吟撰 吟釀 Ginjo 50% Seimai Buai

Juyondai 十四代 吟撰 吟釀 Ginjo 50% Seimai Buai

Rice - 酒造好適米 Local 🌾
Prefecture - Yamagata 山形県
Brewery - Takagi Shuzo 高木酒造
Alcohol - 15%
Color - Light Yellow
Aroma - Vanilla, 🍑, Green 🍇
Taste - Light
Umami - Light
First impression - Lively
Body - Medium
Sweetness - Medium Sweet
Tail/length - Medium
🍑 🍑 🍑 🍇 🍇 🍇
Overall - A lovely bottle of Juyondai as a 2nd bottle of sake to complete the dinner at Himonoya. Juyondai, helmed as the “cult” sake for the past few years is headed by the 14th generation owner of Takagi Shuzo, Akitsuna Takagi San. Fresh sparkling sensation at first taste. Slight sour unripe 🍑 taste at the mouth with a smooth and sweet finishing at the throat with little acidity. This is a full of aromatic flavour and delicate sake that ought to be savoured chilled using a wine glass to enjoy the amazing fragrance.

Food pairing is easy with this light sake and the offerings at Himonoya. Best to pair with light food so that it would not overwhelm the taste of the sake. Food like sashimi, salad, cold tofu and lightly seasoned edamame will make good combination with this sake. Highly recommended for people who have not tried this “cult” sake before. Most of the Juyondai that I have tasted before are on the medium to medium sweet side which makes it a hit among ladies and an easy to drink sake.

Overall, this is an excellent sake. 🏯🇯🇵


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