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London Union: Dave Broom Whisky Session

In the first of our digital talks, we invited Dave Broom down to discuss all that's Whisky.
Dave Broom is one of the most prolific whisky writers out there, and chances are that you already have read at least one of his books or magazine contributions.
Originally from Glasgow, Dave is living now at the south coast of England in Hove very close to Brighton. For over twenty years now he has been a freelance writer, focussing not only on whisky but also on other spirits.
So far he has written eight books, two of which have won the Glenfiddich Drinks Book of The Year Award. His latest book The World Atlas of Whisky explores the whisky world not only by geography but also by flavours. Other works include Rum or Sprits and Cocktails.
Dave Broom’s primary journalistic platform is Whisky Magazine and its international subsidiaries. But he is also a regular contributor to Malt Advocate, Imbibe and other publications. Furthermore, he is chairman of the judges for the World Whiskies Awards (WWA).
Another important part of Dave’s activities is to travel the world to offer his expertise in masterclasses at many whisky festivals.
A very special honour came to Dave only rather recently, when he was invited by Whyte & Mackay to taste the original ‘Shackleton Whisky’ recovered from Antarctica and to compare it to the replication created by master blender Richard Paterson.