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Cat Bite Club Hosts North American Bartenders Takeover in Singapore: 18 October 2023

All images courtesy of Jessica Fitzgerald.


Cat Bite Club in Singapore is a a fresh cocktail bar on the block, opened this year by the experienced duo, Gabriel Lowe and Jesse Vida. What's cool about this place? They've got a special focus on spirits with strong ties to their origins: agave and rice spirits.

On 18th October, Cat Bite Club is hosting a 'North American Bartenders Takeover'. For just one night, you'll get to taste creations from some top-notch bartenders from 3 major cities, San Francisco, Mexico City, and Miami.


The Pineapple Coffee Fire


They're teaming up with Altos Tequila for this. So, if you fancy an Altos Tequila cocktail, you're in for a treat with mixes from Nicolas Torres of True Laurel, San Francisco, Megs Miller from Salón de Agave, Mexico City, and Christine Wiseman of Bar Lab Hospitality.


Bartender Nicholes Torres of San Francisco's True Laurel.


Of course, that's not all. And if you're looking to explore more, don't miss out on Cat Bite Club’s signature menu which includes a nice collection of agave and rice-based spirits, thoughtfully put together by Gabriel Lowe and Jesse Vida. The curated menu gives you a glimpse into the origin of each spirit, letting you appreciate its distinct personality. Think about 100 different agave spirits, a comprehensive list of rice spirits, and a handpicked selection of vodka, gin, whisk(e)y, and more.



So, if you're up for a night of great drinks and good company, Cat Bite Club is the place to be on 18th October.


88 Bamboo Editorial Team