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Discover the Sakes of Tokushima at Kuriya, Kou Teppan and Haku Sushi: Now Till November


From now till the end of November, you'll get a chance to taste sakes from 5 well-known sake breweries from the Tokushima Prefecture of Japan at Kuriya Japanese Market, Kuriya Dining, Kou Teppan and Haku Sushi. 

You would also be able to experience sake pairing omakase dinners, purchase affordable sake sampler sets and experience a sit-down tasting with respected Master Sake Sommelier Joshua Kalinan.

The Featured Breweries

The five Tokushima breweries featured are 

1. Nissin Shurui Co Ltd (日新酒類株式会社)

2. Honke Matsuura Sake Brewery (株式会社本家松浦酒造場)

3. Saito Sake Brewery Co Ltd (有限会社 斎藤酒造場)

4. Nakawa Shoten - ‎Ima Komachi (合名会社 中和商店 - ‎今小町)

5. Housui Brewery (芳水酒造 有限会社)


Local breweries in Tokushima prefecture have traditionally brewed their sakes with a view to providing balance, and to compliment the Tokushima region's cuisine. 

Interestingly, it is common practice for Tokushima sake producers to obtain special strains of sake yeast irradiated by UV-LED in an innovative approach to enhance desirable flavour profiles in sakes made with such yeasts. 

Kuriya Dining

First up, Kuriya Dining will be showcasing a curated selection of four premium sake expressions from now till 31st October.



Each of these sakes are of the Junmai Daiginjo grade, and are renowned for elegant, light and aromatic flavour profiles.

Of this quartet, the Hisagotaikou Junmai Daiginjo 35 Genshu (S$258) stands out for its quality and desirable fruitiness. At Kuriya Dining, you may sample all four sakes in a Sampler Flight of Four (S$20) and complement it light Japanese snacks in the Otsumami Set (S$15).

Kou Teppan and Haku Sushi 


6 intriguing expressions will be featured at Haku Sushi and Kou Teppan from now till 10 October. 

The stand out expression is the award-winning Narutotai Junmai Ginjo LED (S$88), which has received a list of prestigious accolades from several competitions this year. This sake is brewed with "LED Dream Yeast," a yeast species created via irradiation with UV-LED lights during fermentation, creating a yeast that could deliver very sweet tropical pineapples. This sake is said to taste like white wine.

Another interesting expression is the aged Kamiyama Umeshu 7-year Jukusei (S$88). This plum liqueur is a product of Kamiyama-cho, and made with high quality Oshuku plums which are then steeped in alcohol for seven years of additive-free maturation.


A prominent figure in the sake scene, Master Sommelier Joshua Kalinan, who is the first Singaporean to receive the Master Sake Sommelier certification amongst many other sake accolades (Source: Sake Sommelier Association) 


The restaurant would also be hosting an exclusive sit-down event featuring Master Sake Sommelier Joshua Kalinan on 26 and 27 September, where the featured sakes are paired with an Omakase menu at S$138 per person. 

Kuriya Japanese Market

Last but not least, Kuriya Japanese Market would also be featuring a number of sakes at its NEX and Great World outlets from now till 30 November 2023.



Options on offer include the following:–

● Junmai Ginjo Tan En 300ml $14.90
● Sudachi Honey Sake 300ml $10.90
● Narutotai 'Onto The Table' Junmai Daiginjo 180ml $13.90
● Yamamomo Hime 180ml $8.90
● Sudachi Hime 180ml $8.90
● Yaki Imo Sake 500ml $15.90
● *Waemon Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml $88
● *Goten Sakura Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml $88

(*Only available at NEX outlet)

It doesn't matter if you're new to sake or a seasoned drinker. If you're into sakes and Japanese food pairings, mark your calendars to join in the fun to learn all about Tokushima sakes at RE&S'dining concepts.


88 Bamboo Editorial Team