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Melbourne’s Caretaker’s Cottage Takes Over 28 HongKong: May 2023

Caretaker's Cottage on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne

For one night only, Melbourne's own Caretaker's Cottage will be behind the stick at Singapore's renowned speakeasy, 28 HongKong street this 22 May, from 8 PM til 12 AM. 

Caretaker's Cottage is a tiny but charming bar located in the heart of Melbourne on Little Lonsdale Street. Just shy of a year since its opening, Caretaker's Cottage was ranked No.60 on the World’s 50 Best Bars Long-list 2022, earning praise for its "pub-like feel and some top-end drinks". 

(From Left to Right: Ryan Noreiks and Kitty Gardner)

Ryan Noreiks, Director of Fancy Tree Group and Kitty Gardner, member of Beverage Development at Caretaker’s Cottage, will man the bar at 28 HongKong Street and show guests how their humble and thoughtful approach to classic cocktails has caught the world’s attention.

Reservations can be made here.



88 Bamboo Editorial Team