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Sago Hard Gurls Bar Takeover Charity Event: 8 March 2023


Get ready to raise a glass to International Women’s Day like never before, as Sago House brings you a night of empowerment and support with their "Sago Hard Gurls Takeover" event. This is not your average night out, as Sago House is teaming up with Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire and Dewar’s to present an exclusive menu crafted by the talented female bartenders of the bar.

This event showcases the creativity and skill of these incredible female bartenders, who have crafted three unique cocktails with their hearts and souls. Each of these cocktails is inspired by their personal stories, with names like "Inner Strength", "Grammy’s Garden" and "Fernetic" that embody the passion and determination of these bartenders.

"Inner Strength" is made with Bombay Sapphire, Elderflower-infused Echinacea Tea, Honey, Lemon, and Aer. This cocktail was created by Celeste, dedicates the drink to her mother and all the mothers out there who show their love through small and grand gestures.

“Growing up, my mother never failed to lift my spirits up especially when the exams were just around the corner. One of her many love languages is making me tea when I'm feeling stressed or anxious especially during the exam periods, without me having to tell her. Even with this small gesture, it really helped calm my nerves and kept me focussed when burning the midnight oil. This drink is dedicated to my mother for her constant undying love, care and for showing me what a mother’s love language can be.” - Celeste

"Grammy's Garden" is made with Dewar’s 12 Years Whisky, Spiced Apples, Fake Lime, Soda, and Apple Foam. This cocktail was crafted by Nina, who believes that beauty can arise from even the toughest of circumstances.

“Beauty from ashes — this cocktail represents tenacity and standing tall through life’s seasons. The Bramley apple today is considered the most popular cooking apple, its tree was grown from a pip by a little girl, Mary Anne Brailsford in the 1800s. The sturdy 200 year old beauty has rode the storms of life and stuck it out. It was struck down by lightning in the 1900s, miraculously survived, and had to battle a honey fungal infection, but still bears fruit till this day.” - Nina

"Fernetic" is made with Bacardi Blanco Rum, Tamarind-infused Baldoria Rosso Vermouth, Fernet Branca, and Fake Lime. This cocktail is Desiree Jane's tribute to Ada Coleman, the world's first significant female bartender who redefined the role of a bartender. This drink is a modern twist on the classic cocktail Hanky Panky, which was created by Ada herself.

“Inspired by a classic cocktail Hanky Panky, created by Ada Coleman who became the world's first significant female bartender. She redefined the role of a bartender, challenging expectations that a barmaid be little more than a hostess and a servant. With her charming personality, innovative drinks, and worldwide reputation, she proved that a great bartender can develop their own following and carve a place in history.” - Desiree Jane


But that's not all - this is an event with a cause. All proceeds from the night will go to the Singapore chapter of HAGAR, a charity that supports women and children who have survived extreme human rights abuse. So not only will you be sipping on delicious drinks and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, but you'll also be making a difference in the lives of women in need.

Mark your calendars and come join the Sago Hard Gurls Takeover on 8 March 2023, as we celebrate the resilience and power of women all over the world. Let's make this a night to remember and show our support for a good cause.


Details of event:

  • Day & Date: Wednesday, 8 March
  • Time: 6 - 11pm (last call at 11:15pm)
  • Location: Sago House (40B Sago St, Singapore 059029)




Operating since 1994, HAGAR is a Singapore-registered charity and part of a global organisation that fights human trafficking, slavery and abuse. Dedicated to the recovery and economic empowerment of women and children who have survived some of the most extreme forms of human rights abuse, we rebuild their self-worth, and improve their literacy and skills to start a new life. Locally, HAGAR works with the Singapore government to provide victim care and raise public awareness to tackle this crime against humanity. 


All images courtesy of Jessica Fitzgerald.

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