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What's Happening

Singapore’s Largest Umeshu Festival Returns to IPPUDO | 7-9 Sept 2023

IPPUDO and Umeshuya collaborates to feature 30 types of umeshu from Japan for this three-day event exclusively held at IPPUDO i12 Katong.

Back for its fourth edition by popular demand, global ramen chain IPPUDO and spirit retailer Umeshuya have handpicked 30 types of umeshu for the widest range of tasting in one seating. 

Aimed to promote Japanese food and culture to the world, IPPUDO Umeshu Festival will feature the widest selection of umeshu labels from different prefectures, including some exclusive labels that previously were not available in Singapore before, all in one place.



For $23.80++ per set, enjoy three types of umeshu from light to heavy and sweet to sour, or a carefully balanced variety of all four profiles, and delicately paired paired with a platter of three IPPUDO’s signature sides – Katsuo Tataki, Iburigakko Potato Salad and [NEW] Gyu Motsu Miso Nikomi. Found your favourite umeshu? Additional glasses are available at $8++ each.



The IPPUDO Umeshu Festival will be held exclusively at IPPUDO i12 Katong outlet for a limited-time from 7 – 9 September 2023. Seats are by reservation only from 5:00pm onwards. For reservations, please call 6908 8119, email ippudo_sgrc@chikaranomoto.com or reserve here: https://reserve.oddle.me/en_SG/ippudo/ticket/4004.

Sweet and sour satisfaction

Umeshu is well known as a sweet and sour Japanese liqueur, made by steeping ume plums in shochu and sugar. It is a popular tipple commonly consumed as cocktails, on its own or paired with food. Its versatility in serving whether at room temperature, chilled or hot, makes it incredibly easy to serve and drink. On the palate, its range of taste profiles that match the sweet to sour and savoury also makes it a dining staple. It is so popular in Japan that households take it upon themselves to make their own umeshu to keep.

For this collaboration with Umeshuya, IPPUDO is bringing in a total of 30 types of umeshu for the widest range of tasting in one seating, including the Torotoro No Umeshu, Aotan No Yuzushu, Matsunitsuru Whisky Umeshu, Tsukigase No Umegenshu, Shio Yuzu, Shio Lychee and Mukashihanashi Teshibori Yuzushu.

Umeshus To Try

Seasoned umeshu drinkers will be well acquainted with the Torotoro No Umeshu, a thick plum wine as per its name, made from fully ripened plum paste and pickled green plums from Nishiyoshino in home-brewed rice shochu. The result is a mellow wine with forward notes of immense sweetness like a peach, followed by a light crisp tail for sips that stay continually refreshing. The best way to savour the sweetness of this mellow wine produce is to drink it neat or on the rocks.

Manufactured in the Nara Prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer inside the historial Gangoji area, the wine is a testament to their professional roots as a sake producer, now lending their skills and craft to producing equally good umeshu.


Aotan is a type of Hanafuda's card (Japanese traditional card game). It is a blue poetry ribbon card that consists of peony, chrysanthemum, and autumn leaves. 

Aotan No Yuzushu contains yuzu that provides a zesty citrus profile and yet a mellow flavour contained in fruit oil. 

The best way to savour this is to take it in in sips, which will give you a gentle and fruity scent and lingering taste of soft sourness. It is a rich and delicious drink made carefully by individually hand-squeezing local Japanese yuzu. 

Manufactured in Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” and located within the historical street in the Gangoji area. 


Matsunituru refers to a type of Hanafuda’s card (Japanese traditional card game). It consists of the crane and pine, both of which are symbols of longevity.

Matsunitsuru Whisky Umeshu is a rich and smokey whiskey-based umeshu. This umeshu is made with ume plums from the Japanese city of Nara, infusing them into a mix of whisky, sake and shochu. It’s got quite a high alcohol content for an umeshu, coming in at 25%, but this gives it an intensity that only amplifies the smoky whisky flavours. This umeshu works really well with salty food and can be drunk as a digestif. Try it over ice for a cleaner taste and an even more intense experience.

Manufactured in Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” and located within the historical street in the Gangoji area.


Tsukigase No Umegenshu is named after Tsukigase Bairin, a famous plum grove located in Nara prefecture. Premium juicy green plums are harvested from this plant grove and pickled with three-year-old shochu to produce this umeshu.

It is the honey-like thickness and sweetness of Tsukigase No Umegenshu that sets it apart from other plum wines. The full-bodied Umeshu with an alcohol content higher than most of its counterparts promises an exceptional drinking experience with its sweet yet sour lingering finish.

Manufactured in Nara prefecture by Yagi Sake Brewer which is situated in “Naramachi Temple” and located within the historical street in the Gangoji area.


Shio Yuzu is a salted yuzu liquor that promises a unique flavour profile of saltiness and sourness preceding its exquisitely rich body.

Salt brings out the flavor of the fruit hence we use "Umi no Sei", a type of salt that is full of natural minerals which are made using the traditional salt-making method. You can enjoy the original charm of yuzu brought out by a pinch of salt.

The saltiness makes it the perfect accompaniment to food as per the Japanese concept of “good anbai” that theorises that the secret to making good food exceptional is a pinch of salt. To achieve its sweet-salty-sour balance, it is added with a type of salt procured through the most traditional and natural way: seawater is concentrated under the sun and wind before boiled down in a kettle. The pure dehydrated salt that remains is what goes into the making of this umeshu.

If you like the lychee fruit, you’ll like the Shio Lychee, a one-of-a-kind salted lychee liquor that uses lychee fruits to create for all-natural flavours and colours. The pulp of hand-selected lychee are steeped and fermented for natural flavours. Similarly, you can enjoy the original charm of lychee brought out by a pinch of salt.

A versatile drink that can be consumed on the rocks or added to soda water for a fizzy tipple to enhance your drinking experience.


Mukashihanashi Teshibori Yuzushu showcases a perfect blend of yuzu with sake and rice shochu that is fragrant yet pronounced with flavours of sourness and a slight hint of bitterness as though eating the actual citrus fruit. All high-quality and natural ingredients are carefully extracted to deliver the tip-top quality of alcohol.

A versatile drink that can be consumed neat or with the addition of soda.

Muromachi Sake Brewery has been in operations since 1688, the oldest brewery in Okayama that produces high-quality traditional sake. Never being afraid to go beyond the boundaries of sake making, they specially craft variations of fruit liquor by using local ingredients while sticking to their roots of sake making process of using malted rice to deliver the top-quality alcoholic beverages.