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Taste 100 Portuguese Wines, Canapés & Music At One Cellar's Porto Palooza Wine Extravaganza: Singapore, 8 June 2024


When most people think of Portuguese wine, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich, sweet taste of Port wine. This iconic fortified wine is celebrated worldwide, but it’s just the beginning of what Portugal has to offer. Beyond fortified wines like Port and Madeira, there is an entire universe of Portuguese wines waiting to be explored, each offering unique flavours and styles to tease the wine lovers palate.

Portuguese wine is unique for its impressive array of indigenous grape varieties. Unlike many other wine-producing countries that rely heavily on the usual suspects, Portugal cultivates over 250 native grape varieties. This rich diversity allows for the creation of wines that are unlike anything you'll find elsewhere.

There's of course Touriga Nacional which is hailed as Portugal's flagship grape providing complex reds with rich tannins and flavours of dark berries and violets. Then there's also Alvarinho, known for its crisp acidity and aromatic profile, which makes some of Portugal's finest white wines, particularly from the Vinho Verde region.

In recent years, Portuguese wines have been gaining international recognition and acclaim, captivating wine enthusiasts and critics alike with their incredible balance of quality and value. And now, One Cellar the wine importer and distributor, is shaking things up with an event that's sure to excite anyone who enjoys a good time, really. 

One Cellar and Tuga - a Portuguese cuisine restaurant at Dempsey - are teaming up for Porto Palooza, a full-fledged celebration of Portugal's liquid treasures on Saturday 8th June 2024



Porto Palooza is an all-out extravaganza, showcasing over 100 wines from 14 distinct regions of Portugal. One Cellar's curated selection promises a tantalising journey through the diverse flavours and aromas of Portuguese winemaking, with each region represented by 5-8 carefully chosen bottles. Swirl, sniff, and sip your way through the Douro Valley, the Alentejo, and beyond, all in one afternoon.



To complement these exquisite wines, Tuga will be serving up delectable light Portuguese and European dishes, designed to harmonise perfectly with each sip. Think flavourful Portuguese tapas, seafood, and perhaps even a taste of the famous Pastel de Nata. And as if that wasn't enough, the event will feature Portuguese instrumental music, adding to the festive atmosphere.

This isn't just any Portophile event - adding a touch of prestige to the occasion, His Excellency Mário Miranda Duarte, the Portuguese Ambassador to Singapore, will be in attendance.

Porto Palooza will take place on Saturday, 8th June 2024, at Tuga Singapore in Dempsey.

There will be two sessions to choose from:

  • Session 1 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm,
  • Session 2 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

For those who crave a deeper dive into Portuguese wines, there's also a masterclass running from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm. Tickets for the tasting sessions range from S$40 to S$60, while the masterclass is priced at S$40.

Tickets are currently available from Eventbrite.

Purchase Tickets to Porto Palooza

Ticket Prices:


Ticket Prices


Walkabout + Premium Zone (with Canapés)

$80 Nett

Access to Walkabout + Premium Zone (with Canapés) - Includes up to 100 wines in the main event hall and up to 10 premium wines in the premium zone

Walkabout only (with Canapés)

$68 Nett

Access to Walkabout Only - Up to 100 wines in the main event hall

Premium Zone only (with Canapés)

$40 Nett

Access to Premium Zone Only - up to 10 premium wines in the premium zone

Masterclass only (with Canapés)

$40 Nett

Access to the Masterclass only



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