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Underdog Inn Serves Up Four-Hands Dinners for Kita Food Festival

To celebrate the Kita Food Festival, Australian chefs Matt Stone from Mosey on Inn  (@ciaomate & @youbeauty2479) and author of The Natural Cook, along with Peter Smit from Underdog Inn  will combine their unique Aussie  talents to create lunch and dinner feasting menus across two days at Underdog Inn. 

Underdog Inn's Chef Pete Smit

Drawing inspiration from Australian native ingredients and the country’s natural beauty, Chef Matt’s cooking revolves around striving to minimise waste and employ creative methods to get the most from every ingredient – a skill he honed during his time working on the acclaimed Futurefoodsystem project in Melbourne. A bird of the same feather, Chef Pete aims to utilise every part of the animal he is cooking, with a special focus on the often discarded or superfluous offcuts.

Underdog Inn is located at #01-03, 115 Amoy Street, Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069935. The Four-Hands Dinners will be hosted on Friday, 20 October & Saturday, 21 October, with both lunch and dinner seatings available. Tickets retail at 150 SGD pp, and are available to purchase here.

The Kita Food Festival is a series of dining events and food celebrations which will be  held from September 27 (Kuching), October 13 – 15 (Penang), October 19 - 23 (Singapore) and  October 26 – 30 (Kuala Lumpur).  The festival will feature both Malaysian, Singaporean and renowned international chefs for a series of fine dining and casual dining events, along with two Big Sunday Barbecues and one The Great Mezze.  It will also include two symposiums titled Kita Conversations with TED-style talks from chefs, food producers,  historians, and anthropologists discussing topics pertinent to the industry, such as sustainability, food waste, and how to make a business profitable.



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