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Vietnam's First Sake Brand MÙA Sake Debuts In Singapore With The Sake Company: 3 November 2023

Historically, rice farming has been the backbone of sake production, with Japan leading the way. However, Japan isn't the sole guardian of this age-old tradition; Vietnam has an equally rich history of rice cultivation. 



On 3rd November 2023, Singaporean craft sake importer, The Sake Company (co-founded by Sake Samurai Elliot Faber whom we have interviewed here) has some exciting news for sake enthusiasts here. They're set to bring MÙA Sake to the city.

MÙA is Vietnam's first locally-brewed sake, born out of a collaboration with Japan's famous and award-winning Heiwa Shuzo, and among the rare few breweries located outside Japan. Besides being Vietnam's first craft sake brewery, it would also be pioneering Nama (unpasteurised) sake in South East Asia.



We'll be seeing the MÙA Sake Origins Series, which embodies the rich Vietnamese rice farming tradition. Under the watchful eyes of Heiwa Shuzo and brewmaster Shibata Hidemichi, the sake is brewed using local rice, showing the seamless blend of Japanese expertise and Vietnamese ingredients. Their aim is to introduce craft sake brewing to the next generation.

The MÙA Classic, their first expression, boasts a balanced profile with umami flavors, crisp acidity, and a hint of sweetness. Dive in, and you'll find hints of lychee, pear, and apple, rounded off with white grape, yogurt, and soursop, culminating in a creamy yet lively finish.


Their MÙA Passion Fruit Cubeb gleams with the intense aroma of passion fruit, further enhanced by the citrusy notes from the cubeb pepper. A delightful mix for the senses!


Lastly, there's the MÙA Pineapple Chili, which pays homage to Vietnam's rural countryside. The limited edition release uses the ST25 rice varietal, recognised as the "Best Rice in World" in 2019. The dominant flavour is honey pineapple, subtly bordered by hibiscus, with a punch of chile spice that lingers, reminiscent of the white stork, a symbol of Vietnam's farming tradition.

Get a firsthand experience at the launch event on 3 November at Sake Matsuri! 


The Sake Company, in tandem with Sake Matsuri, is hosting a special tasting event on November 3rd. It's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss, especially with Elliot Faber, and the Co-Founder of MÙA Sake, Na Dai Kang, gracing the occasion.

Sharing his thoughts on this exciting launch, Elliot Faber said,

"Singapore is very receptive to the diversity that the sake world offers. Being the first company to officially introduce sake from Vietnam to the Singapore market, we are confident that it will be well received both as a standalone sake but also for its flexibility for food pairing."


We can hardly wait to taste Vietnam's first craft sake! Kanpai and Dô!

88 Bamboo Editorial Team